Pet Backpack

Become a real pokemon player by keeping your live collectibles at your side! Is your cat your spirit animal? Your spirit animal is a part of you, so keep it by you at all times with this portable pet carrier. You never know when you will need to pull out your animal playing cards. Cats have been known to possess magical qualities like the ability to live seven lives. Share those seven lives with your cat by your side at all times.

If you are more of a dog person, keep a small dog in your new backpack. You will be sure to draw in all kinds of attention. Ohh, and this backpack will give Tinder a run for its money. It may as well be called the dating pack; let’s face it an animal on your back is irresistibly cute.

Slithery Backpack

If you would like to be a pokemon- Britney Spears hybrid go ahead and drop your retile into this backpack. Bring sexy back, and make people scream at the same time. Expand your poke-back potential with snake venom, but make sure those slithery creates don’t escape and cause a fright.


What's your Color?

The backpack comes in multiple colors if you are not the biggest Pokemon fan but still want to knock tinder out of the water with your furry, cute and slithery friends! Hit the button to buy now, and check out your pet-carrier options.