Piggyback Rider Scout Model – Child Toddler Carrier Backpack for Hiking Trails, Camping, Fitness Travel – Black

Only $104.99

Our Thoughts on Piggy Back Rider

Kids love to climb all over sore backs, but with this travel gear carrying around your baby is effortless. Are you a traveling parent? This piggyback rider is a must have to add to your backpacking gear collection. Become the next internet sensation with your cutie riding on your back. Your child will feel the freedom and luxury of being the tallest person in the room. Warning the feeling of being the tallest person in the room may psychologically impact your child’s ego after riding on the new Piggybacker. Your Child may also experience the psychological syndrome of Napolean complex as they age and realize that they may never be the tallest person in the room.


Be the Coolest Parent on the Block

The Piggyback Rider contains a child safety harness, which will protect and ensure that your child will not fall off of your back. This travel gear is recommended for children 2-4 years and weighing up to 50lbs. If you are a macho-dad, the piggyback is a backpack that can handle much more.


No more Sore Backs

This travel gear is lightweight and weighs less than Weighing less 3lbs. It provides cushy and comfortable wear all day long and can be used both indoors and outdoors. When you are tired of carrying your little one on your back, your new travel gear collapses to the size of a rolled up towel! When is your next vacation? Take the piggybacker with you today!

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