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Super Z Outlet Assorted Foam Toy Swords for Children with Different Designs Including Ninja, Pirate, Warrior, and Viking (8 Pack)

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What You Need To Know About Pillow Weapons for Pillow Fights:

Pillow fights first came into prominence in the royalty circle of Richard the Lionheart in 1189.

Sure, you’re reading this like, “Yeah, dude, I know He was the son of Duke Robert of Normandy, also called ‘Robert the Devil’, and of Herlev (also known as Arlette), whose father, Fulbert, was a tanner: a trade deemed disgusting and carried out by despised people.”

Cool, bro. But that’s not it.

It’s about the bigger picture: Richard the Lionheart ushered in the dawn of the pillow fight.

Not the pillow fight that you’re thinking of. 

pillow weapon swords

Not the pre-teen little girls who can’t sleep because they’re all hopped up on kettle corn and American Idol.

Not the pillow fight you and your partner have after a mix-a-six pack of craft ale.

We get it. IPA twelve ouncers are decent.

Pillow Weapons for Pillow Fights 1

But we’re talking about the real pillow fights.

The pillow fights that meant winner or loser in the community. The pillow fights that meant the success of the royal family for Richard, or the loss of it all.

The pillow fights that included the following rules:

Rule #1: Though may have one pillow weapon of their choice that does not include a standard size and shaped pillow. Thy may choose a double-sided Viking axe, a sword, nunchucks, or a ninja star.

Rule #2: Thy may choose to have the pillow fights in a bedroom, family room, fully finished and furnished basement or a living room (as long as there is ample room to rest after said battle)

Rule #3: Thy must not hit the head, forehead, cheek, neck, wrist, ankle, private parts or fat rolls of the opponent.

Pillow Weapons for Pillow Fights 2

Does this leave only a small portion of pillow fighting available?


Pillow Weapons for Pillow Fights 3

But it leaves only the best, most qualified fighters an opportunity to win.

An opportunity to be called Lionheart.

Oh, and here’s the rub: your opponent will probably show up with just a nonsense standard pillow.

Pillow Weapons for Pillow Fights 4


That’s when you bomb through with every item. Every pillow weapon that can make a difference. You get every single one of them. The double-sided Viking ax, the sword, nunchucks, and the ninja star.

Your opponent might be like, “Oh, but you said you can only pick one extracurricular weapon.”

Yeah, dude. Shut-up.

Pillow Weapons for Pillow Fights 5

Pick-em all.

This set of pillow fight weapons allows you the opportunity to do what you want, when you want.

Pillow Weapons for Pillow Fights 6

Think ye ‘olde Lionheart would back off when people complained he didn’t follow the rules?

Nope. Neither would his family. Or his friends. Or his pets.

All of them were all in on pillow fights.

Pillow Weapons for Pillow Fights 7

Stop being the classic lame brain that only brings regular pillows.

Bring a weapon to a pillow fight.

Make the man himself proud.

Be a Lionheart.

And if you can’t be a true Lionheart, just be a badass who has super cool pillow weapons.

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