Poop Emoji Cake

Getting angry is easy, but getting even is fun! Your ex may have broken up with you on your birthday (say WHAT), and we all know it is because they did not want to buy you a gift (are you KIDDING ME). Tell them how you really feel by baking them this poop emoji cake. I promise it is the sweetest way possible to tell your ex: “EAT $H**!”

Tell Someone How you Really Feel

So if it is your birthday and your ex just broke up with you, we suggest that you stop moping around the house in your PJs. Get up shower, and call all of the friends you forgot about while you were in the honeymoon phase. They will be a bit upset that you have been ignoring them for a while. But there is no doubt that they want your ex to eat $h** too for taking you away from them. Make a party out of it, and bake your heartache away into a friendly looking piece of poop. Then hop in the car, and drop your turd right on your ex’s front porch. 

$h** for Dinner

They will be eating $H** for dinner tonight. But if they are too afraid to dig into their manifestation, at least all their roommates will know that they did something to get a poop cake delivered.