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Poop Emoji Edible 8″ Round Cake Topper Frosting Sheet

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What You Need To Know About The Poop Emoji Cake:

Getting angry is easy, but getting even instead of angry is hands-down the best option, always, in every situation.

Let’s say your ex may have broken up with you on your birthday because, well, you thought that they were just cold-hearted meanies.

Well, are you ready for the truth? The real reason? It is because they did not want to buy you a gift.

Good, you deserve better anyway.

Now it’s time to tell them how you really feel by baking them this super awesome poop emoji cake. I promise you it is the sweetest way possible to exact revenge and get even with them. By telling your ex: “EAT POOP!”

The Poop Emoji Cake 1

The best part about it, is that they will actually eat this cake!

Tell Someone How you Really Feel

The Poop Emoji Cake 2

So, if it’s your birthday and your ex just broke up with you, we suggest that you stop moping around the house in your PJs.

Get up shower, and call all of the friends you forgot about while you were in the honeymoon phase. They will be a bit upset that you have been ignoring them for a while.

But there is no doubt that they want your ex to eat a poop emoji cake too.

Why? Well, for taking you away from them for all those months, years, whatever.

It’s time you make a party out of it, like the ex who dumped you. But now, you can 1-up them and bake your heartache away into a friendly looking piece of poop with a smile on it.

The Poop Emoji Cake 3

Then hop in the car, and drop your poop cake right on your ex’s front porch.

Poop Emoji for Dinner

The Poop Emoji Cake 4

They will be eating poop emojis for dinner tonight. That’s what they get for being mean.

But if they are too afraid to dig into their manifestation, at least all their roommates will know that they did something to get a poop cake delivered. And they’ll join in.

Now, not only are you getting your ex back, but their friends as well.

That’s what we call a win-win situation (which, may be the only situation poop and winning go together).

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