Eat A D*** Bumper Sticker

Do you Have Zero Respect for Humanity?

How do you tell the world that you don’t believe in any system of religious belief, while also letting it know that you have zero respect for the value of humanity? With our ‘Eat a Dick Coexist Parody Sticker’ of course, dummy. Sure, it would be great if everyone could get along and have love and respect for one another’s beliefs, but let’s face it, that’s never going to happen. Not as long as we’re relying on these slack-jawed idiots to iron things out and agree that their magical sky tyrants can coexist with each other. They’re still not done with fighting wars over which version of the same book is the right one!

A Versatile Product with Hundreds of Applications

Nope, it’s every man, woman, and child for themselves out here, and you need to let them all know that they can eat a dick! Especially those idiots are driving behind you. Think it’s just a bumper sticker though? Well, think again. The Eat a Dick Coexist Parody Sticker is a versatile product with hundreds of applications. 

5 Co- Exist Applications

1.Stick it to your friends bumper before they go on a road trip through the bible belt states as a hilarious prank.

2.Put it above the glory hole at your local truck stop as a handy instructional sign for confused young men exploring their sexuality for the first time in a gas station restroom.

3.Use it as a diagram for your next tattoo, when you decide to commit to the eat a dick lifestyle fully.

4.Place it on your front door to deter those pesky Jehovah’s witnesses.

5. Nothing says “I have no interest in hearing about your batshit crazy death cult” like a sticker right across your door that tells them which part of the male anatomy they can eat. A big old dick!


What are you Waiting For?

Get your Eat a Dick Coexist Parody Sticker today and let everyone know exactly what they can do with their wishy-washy pipedreams of religious tolerance!

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