Rainbow Unicorn Head

Rainbow Unicorn Head is the only way to enter a party, everything else you heard about being fashionably late or how cool it is to not dress in theme, is dead wrong. Rainbow Unicorn Head says, “I am here to party, dance, and f#%& s%$# up, not talk to your boring personality to see how much I can make you do.”

Rainbow Unicorn Head makes all those other unicorn heads feel like they should be thrown into the magical made up place they came from, because obviously rainbow unicorns are much more realistic, and actually exist.



Magic Happens

When you are wearing the Rainbow Unicorn Head, you will notice a few changes in your surroundings. Naturally, everyone will want to be your friend, and because they won’t be able to hear anything over the sound of how awesome you are, you will have little chance to mess that up. You might see some side effects of women showing you their breast because who doesn’t want to tell all their friends they flashed a rainbow unicorn? You might also see an influx of muscular men, who say bro allot, encouraging you to fist pump with them. These men might not be your cup of tea, but they sure love buying cups of beer and passing them out to their bros.


Party On!

Whatever your reason for wanting to be a rainbow unicorn, we support your pantless, pre-party, mystical lifestyle. Sorry if you have an allergy, but the rainbow unicorn head is made from 100% latex. One-size fits the average adult, it is hand washable and ready to wear with real clothes or to party on!

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