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Genuine Fred CARDED Social Currency Cards, Raincheck, Set of 20

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What You Need To Know About The Raincheck:

The Raincheck 1

Have you ever wondered how to appropriately pay someone back for something they’ve given you or something they’ve done for you?

The Raincheck 2

Yeah, we haven’t either.

The Raincheck 3

BUT. Imagine a world where you in fact could act like a thankful, grateful, happy-go-lucky human being for once in your life?

Introducing: Rainchecks.

Here’s an example of how a raincheck works, in 6 steps:

The Raincheck 4

1. Someone does something nice for you

The Raincheck 5

2. You panic and have absolutely no idea how to respond

The Raincheck 6

3. You whip out a Rain Check

The Raincheck 7

4. The person is amazed at your thoughtfulness!

The Raincheck 8

5. You fill out the little card with what you’ll be doing to help that person in the future

The Raincheck 9

6. The person hugs you and remains indebted to you for life

Pretty simple, right?

a raincheck

Raincheck cards not only allow you to look like a hero, they also allow you to take advantage of every situation you’re in where you might have actually started at a disadvantage.

Imagine this scenario: you get a flat tire.

Your car is broken down on the side of the highway. You obviously aren’t going to get all dirty and gross changing your own tire (you’re way better than that).

So you stand looking glum until someone stops and asks what happened.

“Tire blew out, probably from all the weight of me being awesomeyou casually remark.

The person, so happy just to be in your divine presence, immediately changes your tire.

Now, how do you reciprocate the favor?

The Raincheck 10

Do you give them a high five? Heck no. Heavens knows what type of germs they have on their hands after fiddling with your blown out tire for the last twenty minutes.

The Raincheck 11

Do you give them cash? Nah. Besides, who carries cash anymore.

The Raincheck 12

Do you offer to teach them how to align their seven chakras to become one with the divine and enter nirvana in the afterlife? Probably would be pretty hard on the side of the road to do that.

Enter: The Raincheck.

The Raincheck 13

You rip out the pad from your finely tailored pockets and begin to fill it out…

RAIN CHECK FOR: car help dude

GOOD FOR: a big time gift

REDEEMABLE BY: dude who helped

The Raincheck 14

Wow. What a gesture! You are amazing!

These cards can be used in almost any situation to let people know you put your best foot forward (hypothetically) in every situation.

1. Thanks for not minding that I sneezed on you, I’ll give you a box of tissues at some point

2. My fault on rear ending your mustang bro, expect a nice car freshener soon

3. Whoops – I accidentally drained your life savings to fund my trip to Aruba

If you can think it, Rainchecks can solve it.

Be better today.

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