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Tub O Ketchup Bath Bombs – Funny Ketchup Colored Bath Balls for Men – XL Black Cherry Bath Fizzers, Handcrafted, Made in America, 2 Count

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What You Need To Know About Tub O Ketchup Red Bath Bombs:

Marvinious Ketchup Jr. was exceptionally proud of his tomato farm.

In fact, he was so proud of his tomatoes, that he used them for everything.

Emoji with his tongue hanging and crazy eyes

Yes, literally everything.

Breakfast was a tomato sandwich. Two pieces of tomato with a tomato in the middle and some ketchup for dipping on the side.
Tub O Ketchup Red Bath Bombs 3
Tub O Ketchup Red Bath Bombs 4
For lunch he’d have tomato juice and a fried green tomato.

At dinner, it was a crisp, cool tomato salad with ketchup dressing.

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Tub O Ketchup Red Bath Bombs 5

His car used gasoline, of course – but the oil? Not 10w30. It was the divine ketchup made from tomatoes on his farm. Sure, the car didn’t run very well, but it smelled delicious.

Marvinious had another secret, too…

At bathtime, he used ketchup colored bath bombs to wash off the days farm funk.

Define Awesome Hug Emoji
Yes, you read that correctly – ketchup colored bath bombs.
He did this for decades, before the secret got out.
define awesome shhh quiet emoji

“Marvinious! You smell absolutely divine and your skin is absolute perfection! Do tell us how you achieve such beauty!” the townspeople would shout.

But Marvin never told anyone about his red bath bomb secret sauce- until now.

Very surprised emoji

In an effort to bring the beauty of ketchup into all aspects of people’s lives, he proudly has put his tomato colored bath bombs into the public market. In addition to his famous red bath mat.

Now is your chance to impress that tomato lover in your life.

Love emoj

These black cherry red bath bombs that make the bathwater look like extra fancy ketchup come complete in ketchup packaging that is just too sweet.

Here are just a few ways to bring ketchup colored bath bombs into your life:

happy emoji

Those are only three reasons – there are literally hundreds of millions of reasons to bathe in the ketchup excellence that these bath bombs provide.

Show tribute to the brilliance of Marvinious Ketchup Jr. by purchasing these bath bombs today.
Tub O Ketchup Red Bath Bombs 8
ketchup bath bombs

With every purchase, you’ll guarantee the tomato farm will continue to produce the finest ketchup known to the planet. You’ll fund his tomato sandwiches. You’ll fund his bath bomb business. You’ll even help his car keep running (albeit not very well).

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your bath time, Red Tomato Ketchup Bath Bombs are here to help! These giant, red and black bath bombs will turn your bathtub into a tub of ketchup, giving you the relaxation you deserve. 

Soak in the sweet black cherry scent of these fun bath bombs, and enjoy a good laugh while you’re at it. Perfect for gifting moms and dads alike, Tub O’ Ketchup Bath Bombs are sure to make stress relief more enjoyable than ever.

Disclaimer: As tempting as it might be, don’t eat the bath bombs. Don’t crumble them up and put them on your hamburger. Just bathe in them or give them as a gift. The bath bombs look like ketchup, but they aren’t ketchup.

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