Ring Doorbell Camera

It’s common knowledge that people hate talking to each other, especially when it comes to encounters with strangers.  So when some unexpected person comes to ring your doorbell, you know it’s troubling. The internal battle you’re having.

Braving your fears and answering the door to potentially be solicited by a sweaty teen boy selling security systems or staying still and hoping the person on the other side of the door gets the idea and leaves without trying to break down the door and kill you.

This doorbell camera system is here to put your anxiety to rest.

Its built-in security camera keeps your interactions to a minimum with its live feed video. Watch the live feed like an episode of reality tv. Any time there is a motion in front of the camera from a salesperson to a killer, you are sent an alert so you can take cover and act like you’re not home. With its built-in microphone, you can not only hear the people coming but yell at them to “get off my lawn” like a crazy old man. Who would’ve ever thought that was what you would come to but here we are.

These days, no one does well with person to person interaction, and we know that.

So keep it to a minimum with the video ring doorbell.