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Robo Alive Junior Little Fish Battery-Powered Baby Fish Bath Toy by ZURU Bathtub Water Toys with Batteries, Orange Fish

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What You Need To Know About The Robotic Pet Fish:

Are you looking for the perfect addition to your pool or bathtub?

If so, then you need a robotic pet fish!

A robotic pet fish adds an extra splash of fun and excitement to any pool or bathtub.

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Plus, let's be real; pet fish are the easiest pet to take care of.

But sometimes, even throwing some food in their tank now and then can become a real hassle when you’re busy trying to take over the world.

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Well, the robotic pet fish is the answer to any and all of your problems.

This little robot fish swims, sings, lights up and autotunes for you! You can catch him in his tank or have him ride the waves with you.

Here’s how this realistic pet fish is going to drastically change your life for the better:

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1. You now have someone to talk to while you eat dinner alone in your kitchen for the 10th night in a row

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2. there's always someone there to check your outfits in front of before you go out, thank goodness.

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3. An in-home security guard, no ones getting passed this robotic beast

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4. It will bring hours of enjoyment to anyone, especially your annoying two-year-old in the bathtub!

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5. You don't have to worry about cleaning tanks or changing out filters all the time like you would with a real fish; all you have to do is put the robot fish in your pool or tub and you're good to go!

And the best part about this robotic pet is, no having to plush this one down the toilet a few weeks from now when your real fish would have croaked because you forgot to feed him for days on end.

This robotic pet fish will give you the companionship you’ve been looking for without the responsibility of ACTUALLY owning a pet.

Plus, because the robotic pet fish moves around on its own, it helps circulate the water throughout your pool or bathtub which can help increase oxygen levels in the area – making it safer for swimming or bathing.

As long as the batteries are still kickin’, this robotic pet fish is still swimming.

It’s never lonely in the bath again with this adorable robotic pet fish!

Whether it’s time to brush your teeth (he goes inside to tell if there are too many bubbles!), reading a super-secret message, or just playing games; Robo Alive Junior Little Fish keeps kids engaged and entertained during their hectic day.

With its vibrant colors, and realistic motion system in place – this robotic aquatic friend is sure to bring hours of fun and entertainment both above ground level – as well as below! So, what’re you waiting for? Get it today!

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