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CLOCKY Loud Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers on Wheels (Adults Kids Teens Bedroom), Run Away, Moving, Annoying, Jump, Roll, 1-Time Snooze, Wake Up Energized, Digital- Funny Gift (Blue)

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What You Need To Know About The Runaway Alarm Clock:

Clocky is the original runaway alarm clock on wheels that helps you get up and go with some extra pep in your step!

Clocky rolls! Clocky runs! You’ve got to catch Clocky to turn off your morning alarm!

What a wonderful novelty to help you wake up with a smile every day!

The Runaway Alarm Clock 1

So cool.

Oh, before we forget to mention…Clocky is a huge diva.

Clocky has a few, how should we say, “specific” requests she’d like for you to know before you make this purchase:

The Runaway Alarm Clock 2

Clocky does not like direct eye contact when her alarm is going off.

Sure, you can feel free to look at her anytime you want to check the time, but when her alarm is going off? That’s what she calls “performance.” Don’t just stare at her like she’s some sort of dollar store poster of a cat hanging from a tree limb. Don’t hang in there, pal. GET UP. YOU GET UP AND CHASE HER.

Clocky needs to look her best at all times.

You’d better dedicate at least 90 seconds a month to cleaning her. Whether it’s a napkin, a dust mop or one of those things with a handle that has peacock feathers on it, it doesn’t matter. She likes to be clean. “No dust in my clock bits” as Clocky likes to say.

The Runaway Alarm Clock 3
The Runaway Alarm Clock 4

Clocky Rolls Solo.

Think you need like fifteen or twenty different versions of Clocky in your bedroom? Not going to happen. Clocky is confident, sassy and secure in being the one and only clock in the room. Can she do it all? You bet your sweet second hand she can. Heck, she doesn’t even need a second hand, because her time is all digital, baby.

So if you’ve got the get-up and go to deal with Clocky…

This is The Runaway Alarm Clock for You.

Here are some puns we were considering adding into this write-up:

  • Don’t clock yourself in the head for waking up late – get Clocky!
  • With Clocky, time is definitely on your side!
  • Don’t wait another minute – get Clocky today!
  • With Clocky, you really do chase your dreams!
  • Times up! Clocky is the clock you’ve always wanted!

Terrible, right? That’s why we went straight to the heart of the matter:

The Runaway Alarm Clock 5

Clocky the runaway alarm clock is awesome, it works and it’s fun.

No more lame wake-ups. Make everyday clockin’ great.

Disclaimer: Clocky is such a diva, don’t be surprised if she wheels right into your bathroom to inspect your makeup and hair product lines. We have a report that one user found Clocky trying on her prom dress. Weird right? Even weirder: Clocky looked amazing in the dress. Maybe it was the low cut that accentuated her wheels?

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