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Our Thoughts on Sea Monkeys

Picture the first time you ever went to SeaWorld. Smell the saltwater emanating from what seems like everywhere.

Think back to the sea lions performing for packed crowds – the water splashing around, the excitement from the audience.

Remember that feeling you got in your gut that you can no longer ignore.

Sea Monkeys 1

It felt so good, so right, so awesome, didn’t it?

Your entire existence was telling you this: “I must domesticate a sea animal.”

Well, you no longer need a degree in marine biology and a job at a zoo to get there.

We proudly present to you: Sea Monkeys.

Sea Monkeys 2

Move over goldfish from creepy carnival men, the popular pet from yesteryear still exists and you can grow your own right now.

Sea Monkeys 3

That’s right: you can be a parent today.

Sea Monkeys are small, nimble creatures making them perfect to jump through hoops, dance in water, and play follow the leader. Simon Says listen to your mother, Sebastian!

Sea Monkeys 4

It’s never been easier.

All you need to grow your own prized performance pets is this Sea-Monkeys kit and a willingness to channel your inner Mama Rose. It goes like this:

  1. Pour distilled water into the tank
  2. Add the water purifier
  3. Drop your little baby eggs into the tank
  4. Wait 24 hours!

That’s all it takes for your SeaWorld dreams to come true. They can last up to two years, which is exactly the amount of time it takes for any crustacean to age out of show biz.

Start composing your award-winning, gravity-defying swimming monkeys now!

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