YAMAHA Seascooters, SeaWing Underwater Dive Scooter YME22400

Only $599.00

Our Thoughts on The Sea Scooter

Remember when mall cops on electric scooters became a thing? It’s like, why walk when you can scooter?

Well, get this…

The Sea Scooter 1

There is now a sea scooter

So, why swim if you can scooter?

As long as perusing the seas is not a full-time job, then we promise you won’t get fat (cough ahem mall cops). But if you are fat, this sea scooter will still pull you through the waters, best of luck and remember – you no longer have to know how to swim to be a fish.

The Ultimate Underwater Gadget

Land Scooters are a thing of the past! Yamaha has created the ultimate water gadget, a sea-scooter! If you love to explore the ocean and dive deep into its depths, it is time to make your dreams come true. The sea is full of surprises, make new underwater animal pals, or become the next big inspiration for the 4th JAWS movie. If you come across any wales, dolphins or sharks, you are sure to get away cruising at a steady rate of 2.5 miles per hour. The sea scooter comes with a camera mount so be sure to get the best shot of your underwater experience. Engineers created the scooter with the younger sea divers and snorkelers in mind. Take your family out sailing on your boat and straight into the ocean with their favorite new underwater sea explorer.

The Sea Scooter 2

Land Scooters are a Thing of the Past

You will love this sea scooter which comes in both the colors red and blue! The sea-scooter is super lightweight and only weighs 11.5 lbs. This device runs up to 1 hour and goes at a steady pace of 2.5 miles an hour. The Yamaha sea scooting includes a sophisticated design with safety features that include dual trigger operation and auto shut off.

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