Lingo Slang Playing Cards | Language Learning Game Set | Fun Visual Flashcard Deck to Increase Vocabulary and Pronunciation Skills (Millennial Slang)

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Our Thoughts on The Slang Flash Card Set

So here’s the tea.

The youth have created a language of their own these days, and let’s be real; it’s hard to keep up.  The slang flash card set by Knock Knock makes decoding what the millennials and generation z are trying to say to you.  In this 50 card set, learn phrases such as “roll deep,” “off the chain,” and “for reals” that the kids love saying.  Each word or phrase includes a definition, the word or phrase used in a full sentence, and a picture.  This way you can fully grasp the concept of these terms.

Stay woke to the trends, learn how to talk to the new generation and they’ll think you’re the goat.

And when your friends get salty and think you’re sus of how you sound, hand them this.

Don’t keep your friends in the dark though, if they’ve been having trouble communicating with their kids this is the perfect gift for them.

So next time you’re around the youngins, you’ll know exactly what they’re saying when you hear “Bye Felicia,” and no, they aren’t saying salutations to their dear friend Felicia.


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