Smart Posture Trainer

I know your grandma is rolling over in her grave.  All those times she told you to sit up straight in your chair, and now you’re paying the price for not listening.  Boy, was that a mistake.  But honestly, no one likes a person with bad posture. Learn not to be such a slob with this smart posture trainer. This device attaches to your back right above your pants line like a small electronic leach. 

Then, whenever the posture trainer detects you’re slouching, it sends a little buzz to alert you.

Meant to be worn for up to 60 minutes a day to improve your posture in just two weeks.  This device shocks you, figuratively and sort of literally, into better posture habits.  The intelligent posture trainer is ideal for anyone who looks like they’ve been gaming for too many hours or is a straight up workaholic who won’t step away from their computer.  In just two weeks you’ll be standing straight as an arrow.

So shock yourself into better posture with the smart posture trainer and fix your f***ed up back.