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Napier Backroadz SUV Tent | Universal Fits All CUV’s, SUV’s, and Minivans​ | Sleeps 5 Adults | Grey & Green | 10’x10′ (19100)

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What You Need To Know About The SUV Tent:

Introducing the SUV tent – the perfect accessory for anyone who wants to take their camping game to the next level. Because let’s face it, sleeping in your own cozy bed is so last year.

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Seriously, ditch the house, dude – it’s time to start camping like a champion.

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Sell the house, drop the mortgage, the electric bill, the gas bill, the water bill, the taxes. All that nonsense.

We proudly present a better way to live:

the 10’x10’ Backroadz SUV tent for Camping Like a Champion

With this bad boy, you can turn your SUV into a luxurious, spacious camping retreat. Simply attach the tent to the back of your vehicle and boom! You’ve got a cozy little nook to call home for the night.

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Let us tell you the story of why this unrivaled tent was created:

Husky McStiffins was a rich man.

Rich in spirit, hobbies and outdoorsmanship.

Husky liked the great outdoors.

Moving from place to place, state to state, pond to lake, mountain to mainland.

The SUV Tent 3
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Husky was what we would call a wayfaring traveler.

He also was trying to avoid paying his bills.

Husky decided to make the most spacious, comfortable tent he could and realized he could maximize the tents usefulness by attaching it to the back of his sport utility vehicle (which, thankfully, he owned free and clear, so no additional bills there).

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From mountain excursions to oceanfront living to deep desert weekends, Husky became quite popular at every locale he stopped at. “Gee, where’d you get that tent, Husky?” people would ask.

After decades of development, and running away from his then mountain of debt, Husky created the BACKROADZ SUV TENT company.

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Millions of people from all over the world purchased them because they were easy to set up, and made of high-quality, weatherproof material.

Basically, it did everything a premium tent could do – but better by seamlessly connecting to trucks and sport utility vehicles of all sorts.

Husky made sure every last detail was improved along the way – and finally became so wealthy he actually paid off all of his bills in cash.

The SUV Tent 5

People everywhere were living the nomad lifestyle with ease thanks to his tent creation.

Now that you know Husky is a truly financially rich man, you may be asking yourself,

So what happened to old man McStiffins? Did he get so rich he moved into a mansion and no longer has a need for his own invention?”

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Husky travels more than ever, thanks to: 

The Backroadz SUV Tent

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Live the life of an explorer, camper or simply a person who knows, “Camping should be better.”

The BackRoadz SUV tent not only gets the job done, it makes the job fun.

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Oh man, we should trademark that. It rhymes.

The SUV Tent Features & Specs:

  • The Tent Fits ALL SUV's, CUV's and Minivans!

    You read that right! The tent fits any size sport utility vehicles such as Jeeps, BMW SUV's and more! If you have a Crossover SUV / Crossover Utility Vehicle such as a station wagon or Subaru - you're also in luck! Best of all, if fits any minivan too! Woohoo!

  • The Tent Takes Only 10 Minutes To Setup

    With a simple 2 shock-corded fiberglass tent poles to setup, your vehicle will be ready for a real camping trip in no-time. It's what we like to call: "Park-n-Play".

  • The Tent is Spacious and Safe

    The tent is pretty spacious, measuring 10’ x 10’ of ground tent with over 7’ of headroom, so you can squeeze up to 5 of your closest friends inside!

So why settle for a boring old tent when you can camp in style with an SUV tent? Order now and get ready to be the envy of every camper in sight.

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