FEATHERHEAD Bontip 4 Pairs (8 Pieces) Unisex Washable Dust Mop Slippers Shoes Microfiber Cleaning House Mop Slippers Multifultional Floor Cleaning Shoes Cover for House Kitchen Office (Free Size)

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Our Thoughts on The Sweeping Slippers

Who is the life of the party? Is it the guy who brings all the beer, or the guy that cleans up the beer while dancing in his new house party mop shoes? What if I told you, you could be both those guys? You can be anything you want in this life, but why not do the moonwalk with soapy feet and a purpose? Best life ever. Did your kids figure out that they aren’t your little slaves a little too early? Do you need a new and exciting way to get your spawns to do your dirty work? I think you know where I am going with this; introduce them to Bruce Springsteen and get them dance in the dark on your new clean white floor.

These handy sweeping slippers are also ideal for those of us who dance around our rooms when no one is looking

So get your sexy cleaning outfit on, and top it off with these sweeping slippers. The microfiber slippers serve a dual purpose. Throw these slippers on top of any shoes and use this cleaning product as both a broom and a mop! Go ahead twerk all those spots on your floor away. Easily clean away dust, dirt, and pet hair while getting your daily workout out. The built-in elastic design is made to fit any shoe size. Forget about kneeling down and scrubbing the floor, which can be hard on your hands and knees.

These sweeping slippers are sure to leave your home gleaming-clean

They are an easy solution to all your dirty concerns. Get your body and home in tip-top shape by making cleaning fun again! Product details: you can use your sweeping slippers barefoot or with shoes on. Wearing Shoes with your new cleaning product is recommended in case of glass metal or sharp objects. The sweeping slippers are excellent for any household and come in five different colors: green, blue, purple, pink, and orange. The product is 9.4 x 4.7 inches and comes with a stretchy elastic band. This ultra soft microfiber cleaning product can be used to clean your windows, floors, bathrooms, office, and home.


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