Tamagotchi mini, Yellow and Orange

Only $7.40

Our Thoughts on The Tamagotchi Mini

This newly designed Tamagotchi is making a comeback in toys and games. The original electronic pet came out in 1977; now in 2018, you can add a cute pooping robot to your keychain! Your Tamagotchi is just like a real pet, it cries, and needs attention on a regular basis. Take it with you to the office all of your colleagues would love to hear your crying keychain at random times throughout the workday. It will remind why they do or don’t have pets themselves! 


Does your child want a pet?

 Give them an electronic pet instead! They will learn the responsibilities of taking care of a living creature without cleaning up a poopy mess. Your new Tamagotchi gets hungry, tired, sick, and cold. Give warmth and love to this robot instead of a real living thing! Are you an introvert? Settle for loving a machine; it will talk back to you and give you all the social interaction you need without ever facing a real living specimen!


All hail the comeback

Your new Tamagotchi is small and lightweight. The product is approximately 1.2 x 0.5 x 1.5 inches and weighs only .48 ounces. You can buy this electronic toy in white, green, orange or three different shades of blue. It is a smaller and more compact version of the original Tamagotchi to and game pet. What are you waiting for, stop thinking about the good old days and take care of your new virtual pet today!

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