Wampumtuk Pack Of 2 Grammar Police Expletive and Rude 11 Ounces Funny Coffee Mug

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Our Thoughts on The Grammar Cup

MyCozyCups I Before E Weird Mug is perfect to sip your tea in front of your English teacher, your always right grammar police friends, or that kid that throws out novelty sayings for no reason or relevance. The I before E weird mug is like drinking your comeback and never having to say sorry when someone asks why your product placement is so perfect.


Rethink your Life

The Weird Mug will make you rethink everything you learned and start to realize everything else might be a manipulated lie. This mug is not only a morning life lesson, but it is also a gateway to your new conspiracy theory lifestyle. After The Weird Mug gets you to question your 8th grade English teacher, you will start asking the very foundation of everything you know and love. We may not know for sure if a man landed on the moon, or if the very planet we live on actually exists, we may not know if the scan sack our consciousness is perceiving is feeling what we think it is, but you know what? We know, for sure, that I does not always come before E, and C had nothing to do with it, take that society!


Become a Teachers Pet Today

Buy this mug for your English teach today, and become a teacher’s pet, just make sure you utilize the cups’ message in your next essay. The words are written on both sides of the mug, and it is dishwasher safe! It was designed in the greatest country in the world: the United States of America.

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