The Official BS Button

Everybody knows someone that’s full of BS. You’re thinking of them right now.

This big red button allows you to call your friends, coworkers, telemarketers, and even your grandma on their BS while barely lifting a finger.

It’s the perfect addition to your desk at work (just not around HR, okay?) or the family dinner table. You can find the perfect home for your button just about anywhere!

Not to mention, there couldn’t be a better gift for your next Secret Santa or White Elephant gift exchange event!

BS Button Phrases

When you push the button, it lights up, buzzes, and says one of five rotating phrases including:

  • “That was bullsh*t!”
  • “Bullsh*t detected, take precautions!”
  • “Bullsh*t level DEFCON Five!”
  • “Oh, come on now, that ain’t even bullsh*t, that’s horsesh*t”
  • “Warning, warning, bullsh*t alert”
  • +MORE!


The Official BS button also comes with two AAA batteries included so you can start calling bullshit right out of the box.

Get Your Official BS Button Today!

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