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Ever wondered what your furry friend is thinking? Well, wonder no more! Introducing: The Dog Talking Buttons The revolutionary way to literally give your pets a voice. Because let’s face it, interpreting those barks and meows can be as confusing as trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube in the dark. Plus, pets are part of […]

Once upon a time, in the leafy green heart of Crunchland, lived a whimsical cereal-loving wizard named Broccolius. Broccolius was no ordinary wizard; he was a guardian of greens, a vanquisher of vegetable vagrancy, and a hero of healthy habits. His heart throbbed with a desire to rid the world of its unhealthy cravings. He […]

Once upon a time, in a quaint little town, there lived a genius inventor named Wilbur Doo. Wilbur was an eccentric but charming man with a heart full of love for dogs. However, there was one thing he absolutely despised – having to carry around his beloved pooch’s poop during their daily walks. This, he […]

Once upon a tumbleweed-riddled time, in the dustiest corner of the Wild West, lived a man named Sheriff Turly. Now, Sheriff Turly was as zany as a jackrabbit with a caffeine overdose, and he had a wild idea that would change the course of history forever: the legendary Cargo Socks! You might be wondering, what […]

Welcome to Laughsalot Land. Ridiculous name – and home of an even more ridiculous fellow: Sylvester Dermp. Now, Sylvester wasn’t your average Joe. We’ve already his established his name is Sylvester. But in addition to that, he had a wild sense of humor that could rival a circus clown on April Fools Day. He was […]


Tired of not being able to control the actions of everyone in your life? Well, the game is about to change, my friend! Introducing: The Motion Activated Voice Recorder Audio Player This is a device that’s sure to add a sprinkle of mischief and a hearty dose of hilarity to your life. This little gem […]


Oh, look who it is! Mr. “I’m too good to practice mini-golfing while I’m on the highway during rush hour traffic.” Mr. “I can’t be bothered figuring out how to get better at mini-golf in aisle three of the grocery store on a Sunday morning after church.” Mr. “I would never be seen trying to […]


Ohhhh – look who it is. A fancy pants internet surfer who just beached themselves on the shore of the Sarcasm Dictionary. Good for you. It must take a lot of brains to get lost on an awesome website only to find the greatest book in history. Sorry to waste your time with all this […]


My name is Cornelius J. Feline and I have a tale I’d like to tell you about what it’s like being a cat. That’s right – I’m a cat. A cat who has always wanted more out of life. You may wonder why cats are precocious. Suspicious. Skeptical and downright anti-social at times.The answer to […]


Remember the days of just sitting on a screen, endlessly browsing content that you didn’t create until your thumb was sunburned from so much screen light? NO MORE! Make the decision to get off your duff, your bum, your backside or your rear. Whatever you call it. Dodgeball Tag is the answer you’ve been looking […]


Sir Edward Toot’s lasting mark, or shall we say, sound on the human race is this wonderful fart button sound generator. A button that makes over 20 absolutely ridiculous, hilarious and much needed farting sounds. Before we proceed, let’s make sure you’re ready for this fart button. Who is it right for? Absolutely everyone – […]


Are you an avid golfer who likes to cause a little mischief and mayhem? Need a good golf prank? We’ve got your ace in the hole, baby! Introducing: the exploding golf ball Now is the time to seek sweet, sweet revenge on that buddy of yours who thinks he’s king of the course because he’s […]


Marvinious Ketchup Jr. was exceptionally proud of his tomato farm. In fact, he was so proud of his tomatoes, that he used them for everything. Yes, literally everything. Breakfast was a tomato sandwich. Two pieces of tomato with a tomato in the middle and some ketchup for dipping on the side. For lunch he’d have […]


Historically, there has always been major problems with flip-flops. They either flip or they flop. Here’s what is the worst about that: both words are terrible. No one uses “flip-flop” as a superlative. It’s not a good thing. No one is ever like, “Hey, man – good work out there today, you were really flip-flopping […]

Ever heard of vitamin patches for energy? Well, buckle up and hold on tight because there’s about to be an energy blast through your body that will make anything possible. Yes, literally anything. Too tired to be a good parent?  Stick on a B12 Energy Patch and you’ll be the winner for “Parent of the […]

Have you ever sat on the toilet and thought to yourself…“Whilst I am currently enjoying myself and this wonderful seat, I certainly wouldn’t mind some thunderous theme music to accompany my wonderful achievement of the moment!” Well, you aren’t alone. Because we most definitely have also. Welcome the amazing, incredible, unbelievable musical machine of your […]

The crazy cat person in your life deserves only the best! Welcome to the best, my friend! The most incredible, absolutely perfect, stand-up and give a standing ovation gift for the craziest cat people on planet Earth! It’s unique! It’s outrageous! It’s…a plastic tongue cat scratcher! That’s right folks, every crazy cat person has long […]


Let’s be real. Dad jokes are all the rage. As a matter of fact, a bad Dad joke can cause an insurmountable amount of rage. Which is a very good thing. The worse the joke, the better it is – at least when it comes to Dad jokes. That’s why the Dad Joke Button is […]


Did you know… That in order to poop like the champion you really are, you should be eating a trillion grams of fiber every day? Though this statement is not true at all, it does make you think, doesn’t it? You may be thinking such questions as: What would a trillion grams of fiber look […]


Deep in the caves of the Himalayas lived one of the wisest, most well respected men in the history of civilization. Arnold Windbreaker, inventor of the Whoopee Cushions. Sure, you may think most of the ancient sages and wise men of history lived many centuries ago. Not Arnie. Good ‘ol Arnold Windbreaker lived in 1920s […]

You’re not still using the voice you were born with are you? Yikes…Did you know that 99.999% of the world uses a synthesized voice? Wait a second. You’re that one person who isn’t using a voice synthesizer, aren’t you? Come on, you’re better than that. Since the dawn of the new century, scientists, naturalists, herbalists […]


Are you tired of children running all around constantly bothering you?   You’re an adult, you should be doing awesome stuff like drinking too much, chopping wood or wildly just kicking at stuff for no apparent reason. When kids are around, you just can’t enjoy a stiff drink, axe swing or kick like you’d like […]

WHAT ARE YOU, SOME KIND OF JERK THAT JUST HAS REGULAR PICKLES THAT DON’T YODLE? Man oh man, what an embarrassment you are. Look, we didn’t want to have to start off this way, but come on. You’re better than this. You’re better than some “average Joe” who is just skulking around with a regular […]


Many people think “Gosh, I am completely useless.” These people spend their days in a constant haze of activity, never truly getting anything done. By the end of the day, they’re grumpy, tired and pretty much feeling just what you’d think…useless. Fortunately, the universe could sense this malcontent happening to humans. Deep within the caverns […]


Listen up chubs, chocolate isn’t just for breakfast anymore. Now you can have it before breakfast, too. Hot damn! Are you still dreaming? Nope, this is as real as it gets.  Chocolate toothpaste actually exists And this tube of sweetness is so good you might just decide to start brushing a few hundred times a […]