Vinyl Toilet Decals

Wake up in the morning. Brew coffee. Drink coffee. Time for a poo break! Take a seat on that plain, white porcelain bowl while you do your business (scrolling Instagram for thirst traps until your legs go numb).

Ugh. The morning routine is so monotonous and boring.

If only there were something that could spice up your bathroom life…something that could literally and figuratively scare the crap out of you. Look no further and say hello to your new terrifying toilet! The kind of terrifying that you will actually want your houseguests to see. These peel-able sticker decals will shock and awe everyone who uses your bathroom.
Just think how hilariously confused young Timmy will be when he asks to use the little boy’s room, and you respond with “Sure, it’s down the hall to the right.

Just watch out for the octopus. He hasn’t been fed in days.”

Spice up your boring house parties! Don’t resort to lame party gags like the old fake ice cube fly-in-your-drink. Instead, tactfully stick one of our disgusting cockroach vinyl decals to the can and prepare to belly laugh until you’re out of breath. Small-blattered Sheila won’t know what hit her!
Or, if you have boys in the house who don’t know how to aim, nothing improves accuracy like a bug sticker placed in the back center of the toilet for target practice.

No matter where you choose to stick these wacky vinyl decals, there’s enough to go around and customize your toilet for optimum tinkle time entertainment. The collection includes 6 sheets of spooky peel-able toilet stickers. Mix and match them to your bowel’s content. Make your friends laugh, scream, and possibly seek therapy.

You work hard; you deserve this. Your family deserves this.

And most importantly, your toilet deserves more love and attention. Seriously, just think how disgusting the world would be without toilets. Do the right thing and pimp your toilet! Just don’t forget to feed the octopus.