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Toysmith Tech Gear Multi Voice Changer, Amplifies Voice With 8 Different Voice Effects, For Boys & Girls Ages 5+, Colors vary

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What You Need To Know About The Voice Changer:

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You’re not still using the voice you were born with are you?

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Did you know that 99.999% of the world uses a synthesized voice?
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Wait a second. You’re that one person who isn’t using a voice synthesizer, aren’t you?

Come on, you’re better than that.
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Since the dawn of the new century, scientists, naturalists, herbalists and every other -ist on the planet earth has come to the realization that:

Voice changer synthesizers have huge benefits to your mind, body and soul.

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This handy little voice changing device is like a miracle in your pocket.

Don’t take it from us here on this incredible website, though. Let real life customers, just like you (assuming you are a real life person and not a turtle with a wig who figured out how to use the internet, like our last customer) give you the reviews.

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Please keep in mind, these are actual* reviews:

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Much wow! such amazing results!

With This Voice Changer +10 different ways to make your voice sound different, you’ll never want to go back to your old, boring voice again.

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Join the 99.999% population of the planet that is using the voice synthesizer, today!

Check out these words to describe the hilariously wonderful Toysmith Tech Gear Multi-Voice Changer:

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Yo, we said farcical! You know it’s legit when farcical makes an appearance!

Kids, adults, senior citizens, even many household pets will enjoy modifying the sounds coming out of their mouths.

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Hours of entertainment, hours of absurdity.

The Toysmith Tech Gear Multi-Voice Changer has arrived, and the people love it.

So will you.

This Voice Changer is Everything My Daughter Wanted it to Be!
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This toy is a blast for kids. It really does change your voice, and I think the different voices are distinguishable. My daughter asked for this toy for a long time before I actually bought it. She's played with it almost nonstop since. This would be a great gift for a beloved nephew or niece who lives in another state, and whose parents you don't especially like. Because the child will absolutely adore the toy, and it will make the parents want to gouge their own ears out with a grapefruit spoon. I made the mistake of buying it for my own child, who lives in the same house as me. Does Amazon sell grapefruit spoons? -Amazon Review

Product SKU: 60140000

Product Brand: ToySmith

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 16.99

Price Valid Until: 2026-02-27

Product In-Stock: InStock

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