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Ofrees – Wearable Chair, Portable Chair, Chairless Chair (XLarge (174cm~182cm, 5′ 8″ ~ 5′ 11″))

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What You Need To Know About The Wearable Chair:

The Wearable Chair 1

It’s the future, dude – nobody should have to stand when they can sit.

Therefore; we formally announce the world’s greatest device:
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The Wearable Chair (as seen on Silicon Valley)

That’s right – take a load off anytime, anywhere with the chair that literally changes everything for the better.

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Going to an outdoor concert?

Forget about sitting on the lawn like some zero. The wearable chair makes you look like the king you are.

Sit above the lame-o’s sitting criss cross applesauce on the ground, because…what is this, kindergarten?

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Bust out the wearable chair and get a bird’s eye view of the action, while feeling the staggering jealousy of those around you.

Now that’s what we call comfortable superiority.


Sure, hiking sounds awesome the night before you actually do it.

“We’re going to traverse the mountains! We’re going to scale the trails! We’re going…to need a break about every 20 minutes because we’re exhausted.” 

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While this is true, you may get tired…

But with the wearable chair you’ll be the envy of the land as you sit any damn place you desire.

On a rock, in the forest, near a bog…wherever.

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Parties? Have you ever been to a party and there’s no chair left for you? 

So the host of the party sees it, feels bad and decides to go in the house and get some chair that either looks like it hasn’t been used since the late 1800’s or one that is so uncomfortable you’d rather sit on a lump of hot coals.

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When it comes to wearable chairs, this will make you feel like you’re on a throne, and that’s what royalty like you deserves 😉

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Think it couldn’t get any better?

Well, buckle up, buckaroo.

It’s so ridiculously wearable it’s basically like a big ol’ tic-tac in your bag. It’s light, awesome looking and the answer to your sitting dreams.

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Imagine the power in knowing that you can bust out a wearable seat anywhere, at any time.

Waiting in line at the bank to pull out wads of cash?

BOOM. Wearable chair.

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Standing too long waiting for your ride?


Wearable Chair.

Playing video games but your loser buddy is taking up 93% of the couch?


The Wearable Chair.

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Short of growing a third leg and transforming yourself in a human tripod, this chair is the answer to all of those questions you’ve been asking yourself for so long, but mainly it’s the answer to life’s most pertinent question:

Yo, can I get a sit or what?

Yes, yes you can. Because you’re a winner. A winner with a wearable chair.

The Wearable Chair has arrived - and so have you...comfortably.

The Wearable Chair
The Wearable Chair 2

I wore this wearable chair to the club! It was amazing. I was on the dance floor and this beautiful lady in fur boots started dancing up on me. Everyone was looking at her. I just sat back on my wearable chair as she got low low low low! You wouldn’t even know I was wearing a chair under my pants. Word.

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Product Brand: Ofrees

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Product Price: 1,069.99

Price Valid Until: 2025-11-07

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