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Our Thoughts on The Whale Blanket

This whale blanket is what every whale wants to see on the humans who pour millions of gallons of trash into their home every day. There’s no better way to watch blackfish then with the whale symbolically winning the battle of survival right on your couch. What better way to have that guy on your couch wake up in the morning then being eaten by a whale? Literally can’t think of one.

Save the Whales

This blanket could take sack racing to a whole new level; unless you think it’s culturally appropriating whales, then you should stick to your potato sack and anti-globalization lifestyle. For everyone else, my whale will crush your whale, any day, any time.

If you put the whale over your face you could have some seriously ridiculous Halloween costumes, I am now picturing a welcome to Seaworld sign somewhere in there.

This Whale blanket could be the conversation starter we have all been waiting for because you will know right where everyone stands on whales eating humans, almost immediately. For the record, we stand for whale domination, and we don’t care who knows it, while we are sleeping. While awake the whale blanket comes off and we resume life in our natural habitat.

For Every Occasion

This Blanket is the perfect Christmas gift, and it is made of super soft polar fleece. It is 68″ by 23″ and makes you feel like a real fish without the slimy mess!

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