YI Home Camera

Do you wonder what the person you like is doing in their room? There is no need to wonder anymore when you can stuff this YI camera into any teddy bear. You can see it all, watch the person wake up, get dressed, pick their nose, and dream away the night.


6-Step Spy Plan

Here is the 6- Step Plan:Step 1: Buy the YI video camera
Step 2: Buy a giant teddy bear
Step 3: Watch Youtube Videos on how to sew
Step 4: sew the camera into the teddy bear so that the lens directly replaces the teddy bears right eyeball.
Step 5: Drop the teddy bear off at your prospects house as a gift
Step 6: You’re in.


Warning- You can See in the Dark

Warning: You may have to fight the urge to beat up your prospects boy/girlfriend when you catch them on camera smooching with your future projected partner. You may also have to deal with legal issues if the camera is found, so we strongly suggest giving the gift anonymously.

The camera is 1080p High-definition, it contains a 112° wide-angle lens that is glass. The lens is combined with 345° horizontal & 115° vertical rotation range creating 360° complete coverage so that you can view your prospect from all angels. The camera is also equipt with night vision with an infrared LED beads so that no light disturbs the person you are watching, but you can still see everything in the dark!

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