I Love to Wrap Both My Hands Around It and Swallow Stemless Wine Glass, Birthday Gifts for Best Friend BFF Wife Girlfriend Her Bachelorette Party, 15 Oz, Set of 2

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Our Thoughts on I Love to Wrap Both My Hands Around It and Swallow – Funny Wine Glass Bachelorette Gift

I know that you are wondering what Bachelorette Gift to get the soon bride to be. Maybe you are not sure how the bridal shower is going to go, should you get a bachelorette gift? Will the shower be everyone in your sorority giving out gifts bought in back alley shops, or will her mother show up and give a snarl for not following the registry at Crate and Barrel? This mug is on the line of both, just without the fancy barrel box.

The point is this conversation starter is a great gift, it is like passing on life – of the party.

Product Details

This cup says I want you to read this and question everything you thought you knew about how much fun I am. It is a conversation piece that is set right in the middle of humorous and dangerous, and you girl, are about to walk the line.

If you are someone who likes your wine glass full, then you are someone who needs a funny wine glass, trust us. No one wants to see an empty fun glass, no one. Maybe someone who does not like fun or wine might, but why are you drinking within a mile radius of that person on purpose?
Think of all the answers you can ask when people ask what “it” is; milk jugs.
This is where you stand around and ask your friends what is so funny and pretend like you don’t know, take it from us, the longer you keep up with it, the more funny tension builds, the better the time.

Product Description

This product was made in the USA with the highest quality materials that can guarantee its long life so that it will stay fun forever.
It is dishwasher safe, printed with superior ceramic inks that are fired on at a temperature of up to 1200 degrees. So you know you can put both hands on and swallow forever, in any condition.
Each Wine Glass is nicely packaged in a durable gift box; this puppy is going to stay crisp, throughout its entire pre, present, and post-drinking.

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