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It’s the future, dude – nobody should have to stand when they can sit. Therefore; we formally announce the world’s greatest device: The Wearable Chair (as seen on Silicon Valley) That’s right – take a load off anytime, anywhere with the chair that literally changes everything for the better. Going to an outdoor concert? Forget […]

brewed 2 burn craft beer scented candle

I know. You’re asking yourself: “How do I truly let people know that I have committed to the craft beer lifestyle?” Extensive growler collection? Rare label cabinet? Beer gut? Amateur hour. Sure, you can start turning up to work hungover and reeking of IPA, occasionally calling in sick because of a recurring “flu,” and have […]

Cat mat

“Am I completely zoned out of my mind on catnip, or am I right in thinking this house is going to have cats living in it?” The most common question asked by your visitors can be answered with a simple doormat, thanks to the incredibly luxurious underfoot mat which reads;  “There’s, like, a bunch of […]

BLK Water

Did you know that up to 60% of the human body is made up of water? That’s legit. It’s true. It’s the truthiest truth of them all. Which means only one thing: you need to drink a metric ton of water to keep your already wet body happy. Let’s do some simple math. Let’s say […]

realistic animal face mask

Unleash Your Inner Animal, On Your Face. Realistic animal masks aren’t just for zoo workers trying to get pandas riled up for mating season anymore! Now, for the first time ever, you too can unleash the animal inside while staying cool, comfortable, and covered from neck to noggin. Just pull it on and feel the […]

wireless headset speakerphone cap

Don’t you hate it when you’re jibbing down the mountain on your board and all you have to listen to is the wind flying past your ears?? Obviously, you can’t throw on some earphones unless you have some sort of crazy death wish… Introducing the SoundBot Bluetooth Beanie Cap, the perfect way to keep your […]

funny animal fridge magnets

Do you like strong magnets and you cannot lie? What about animal butts? Yes? Well, then these dog butt animal fridge magnets are perfect for you, you little weirdo. Most kitchens house traditional fridge magnets, like a free one from a local pizza restaurant and an “I <3 NY” one your old college roommate gave […]

prevent laundry mildew

You know you’ve reached true adulthood when you get excited about new accessories for your laundry room. Nothing gets you happier than a new fresh linen-scented fabric softener that was fifty-percent off. Until you get the Laundry Lasso, that is. Alliterative and boundlessly useful, the Laundry Lasso is a must-have item to keep your front […]


It was said that the only thing babies could do is eat, cry, sleep, & poop. But Did You Also Know That Babies can Mop Floors?! It may be cute, but let’s face it, babies haven’t really been known to do chores and clean messes…. until now. We understand the concept of you don’t work; […]


You probably have a perfect reason for viewing this product. Maybe you’re in pain. Your neck, shoulders, head, and back. Whatever it is, we’re sure it’s probably not fun. Maybe you even feel a little bit bad for yourself, and are thinking “Is the Vinmax Over the Door Cervical Traction Set even going to do […]


You’ve got all the riches, and the world knows it. You’re surrounded by wealth, luxury, and all the things the world envies. So, how do you ensure that you keep all the things you’ve worked so hard for in this life untouched by the mass of humanity that wants nothing more than to snatch up […]

red bath bombs

Marvinious Ketchup Jr. was exceptionally proud of his tomato farm. In fact, he was so proud of his tomatoes, that he used them for everything. Yes, literally everything. Breakfast was a tomato sandwich. Two pieces of tomato with a tomato in the middle and some ketchup for dipping on the side. For lunch he’d have […]

how to cook chicken

You have a filthy mind, and we’re not even sure we’re going to continue with this product description until we make one thing clear. THIS BOOK IS NOT ABOUT WHAT YOU THINK IT’S ABOUT. You think you’re so sneaky. Clicking on the image, the link, whatever. Your mind is racing. “Oh, my! There’s a book […]

manly stick-on mustaches

Oh, you fancy huh? Well, Meet Mr. Moustachio, a fancy gentleman with the manliest mustaches of all time. Some might even say the fanciest. How fancy? This so and so has it all figured out. And by “all,” we, of course, mean “mustaches.” Moustachio is a curious case when it comes to the desire for […]


PASADENA, CALIFORNIA: July 2019 Pasadena Times Headline: BABY IN A TORTILLA BLANKET BURRITO PHOTOSHOOT CAUSES UPROAR WITH LOCAL COMMUNITY The reason? What a disaster. Who was the creator who would ever think you should put a baby in an actual burrito? And where in the world would they find a soft tortilla large enough to […]


It’s 11:27 am. You wake up in your hastily hung hammock in your bedroom with a Mad Magazine on your lap. Your eyes pop open but your vision is somewhat blurry from the night before. You quickly crinkle aside the magazine to reveal your still in the same clothes from the party the night before: […]

novelty finger hands gift

I Declare a Thumb War We all know the saying: never bring a thumb to a hand war. Now you can dominate every thumb war with your very own tiny hand vinyl finger puppets. No longer will you have to sit there in shame, staring at your ridiculous digits that end in a stump. These […]

chip finger covers

The Year is 2037 The World Chip Organization has stepped into the spotlight and will be featured, for the first time ever, in the Olympic Games. The Challenge: Who can eat the most amount of snacks in just 30 minutes. The Bigger Challenge: How will the contestants stay reasonably clean and presentable during this strenuous […]

the toilet timer official

At some point over the last decade, toilet timers have revealed that our time in the bathroom has increased exponentially. What are we doing there in the powder room? Showering more effectively? Shaving more accurately and intensely? Taking our dental care game to the next level? Doubt it.  It’s likely that we’re sitting on the […]

fast internet in a can

With the technological advances of the last decade apparent, it has always stunned the universe that there was not an easier way to access the simple pleasures of WiFi. A brief look back at the incredible break-throughs shows a fantastic trajectory of monumental progress: 2011 – Albert Snoot introduces drinkable gasoline 2012 – Derek Jeter […]

animals farting coloring book

We all do it. Fourteen times per day on average. Some of us hide it, some of us own it, and some of us blame it on the dog. Of course, we are talking about farts! Whether it’s the smelly kind, the machine gun kind, the silent but deadly kind, or the ‘sweet Jesus this […]

novelty ceramic mug

Every dog in the world knows the true secret of a wonderful life: drinking from a toilet bowl when no one is looking. “Not my dog!” you say while clutching your pearls in horror. Wrong. Every time you turn your back and think to yourself, “What a wonderfully trained pup I have. I could never […]