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“Am I completely zoned out of my mind on catnip, or am I right in thinking this house is going to have cats living in it?” The most common question asked by your visitors can be answered with a simple doormat, thanks to the incredibly luxurious underfoot mat which reads;  “There’s, like, a bunch of […]

chip finger covers

The Year is 2037 The World Chip Organization has stepped into the spotlight and will be featured, for the first time ever, in the Olympic Games. The Challenge: Who can eat the most amount of snacks in just 30 minutes. The Bigger Challenge: How will the contestants stay reasonably clean and presentable during this strenuous […]


Say goodbye to costly toilet paper…forever! Did you know that the average human being spends 97.3%* of their life on the toilet? Most people have dozens of ledgers, quill pen and ink well within inches of their throne. As the epicenter of home entertainment, the toilet is a very important place. Here are just a […]

Everyone knows that distracted driving is the best type of driving! If you added up all of the time you spent mindlessly driving, looking at stop signs, pedestrians, red lights, oncoming traffic, and all the other nonsense that being behind the wheel forces you to look at, you’d have a metric ton of useless time. […]

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When wearing the Rainbow Unicorn Head, you’ll notice a few pretty significant changes in your surroundings, and possibly leading to life-changing experiences which come with side effects which include, but are not limited to…

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It was said that the only thing babies could do is eat, cry, sleep, & poop. But Did You Also Know That Babies can Mop Floors?! It may be cute but let’s face it, babies haven’t been known to do chores and clean messes…. until now. We understand the concept of you don’t work; you […]


You’ve got all the riches, and the world knows it. You’re surrounded by wealth, luxury, and all the things the world envies. So, how do you ensure that you keep all the things you’ve worked so hard for in this life untouched by the mass of humanity that wants nothing more than to snatch up […]

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PASADENA, CALIFORNIA: July 2019 Pasadena Times Headline: BABY IN A TORTILLA BLANKET BURRITO PHOTOSHOOT CAUSES UPROAR WITH LOCAL COMMUNITY The reason? What a disaster. Who was the creator who would ever think you should put a baby in an actual burrito? And where in the world would they find a soft tortilla large enough to […]

best kitchen item

Have you ever woken out of bed thinking of breakfast? It’s a boring thought. That’s why The Mr. Sneezy egg separator is what your awkward mornings have been looking for; a conversation piece! Worried you might be late for work? Well, this egg separator is guaranteed to turn any pancake frown upside down. Mr. Sneezy’s […]


Dear Realistic Baby Doll (A Letter from a 3-year-old): This is a sincere letter of gratitude for all of the wonderful benefits you have provided me. As a three-year-old little girl, you may be surprised as to the limitations placed on me by life, at this point in time. I’ve only been on this planet […]

prevent laundry mildew

You know you’ve reached true adulthood when you get excited about new accessories for your laundry room. Nothing gets you happier than a new fresh linen-scented fabric softener that was fifty-percent off. Until you get the Laundry Lasso, that is. Alliterative and boundlessly useful, the Laundry Lasso is a must-have item to keep your front […]

realistic animal face mask

Unleash Your Inner Animal, On Your Face. Realistic animal masks aren’t just for zoo workers trying to get pandas riled up for mating season anymore! Now, for the first time ever, you too can unleash the animal inside while staying cool, comfortable, and covered from neck to noggin. Just pull it on and feel the […]

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Not Just a Box of Ladybugs, But a Box of 4,500 Ladybugs A box of ladybugs may seem like an insane thing to purchase anywhere, let alone online, and… it is! That’s why it’s perfect for you. You have spent too long in the shadows, lurking, waiting. You’ve sewn your costume. You’ve written your manifesto. […]

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novelty finger hands gift

I Declare a Thumb War We all know the saying: never bring a thumb to a hand war. Now you can dominate every thumb war with your very own tiny hand vinyl finger puppets. No longer will you have to sit there in shame, staring at your ridiculous digits that end in a stump. These […]


Oh, the Poetic Irony Lord have mercy on us all, what foul creature hath thou wrought? Now, for a low low price, you can own the soul of a former banker, forever imprisoned in this hellish piggy bank. Frozen, save for a mouth that can open just wide enough to gobble up money.  Torment him […]

wireless headset speakerphone cap

Don’t you hate it when you’re jibbing down the mountain on your board and all you have to listen to is the wind flying past your ears? Obviously, you can’t throw on some earphones unless you have some sort of crazy death wish. But with the Soundbot Bluetooth Beanie Cap, you can carve mad tracks […]

novelty ceramic mug

We might as well admit the elephant in the room: coffee makes you poop. Coffee is both a laxative and a diuretic, which is a fancy way of saying you’ll need to use the bathroom one way or another. A coffee mug shouldn’t shy away from this fact and neither should you. Admitting this is […]

funny animal fridge magnets

Do you like strong magnets and you cannot lie? What about animal butts? Yes? Well, then these dog butt animal fridge magnets are perfect for you, you little weirdo. Most kitchens house traditional fridge magnets, like a free one from a local pizza restaurant and an “I <3 NY” one your old college roommate gave […]