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Our Thoughts on Tile Mate – The Best Key Finder Since Sliced Bread

Have you ever needed your keys, yet couldn’t, for the life of you, find them?

Don’t lie, you know it’s happened. Now, you can save yourself the headache of it ever having to occur again. No, this isn’t some 10-step guide to never lose your keys. This isn’t some mantra you need to tell yourself when you wake up every morning. You don’t need to take memory pills, and you don’t even need to care where your keys are ever again. Sounds crazy, right?! Well, the crazy genius’s at Tile found a way. Not only can you always find your keys now, but you can also:
  • Not have to worry about remembering where you put your keys
  • Find (insert dumb item you always lose here)
  • Make fun of your friends who lose their keys
  • Find your keys in under 60 seconds*
  • Use your phone to find your keys
  • Have people help you find them
  • Find your Phone
  • Find your wallet
  • Find your dog
  • Find your cat
But, how does this Bluetooth key tracker work? If the title didn’t give it away, it’s this magical technology called Bluetooth. Plus some other technologies. Plus music. Plus materials.

Who is the Wireless Key Finder for?

It’s an excellent gift for anyone. Everyone loses things. You should probably get it yourself too. And yes, it’s wireless – it’s 2018. What is the distance that I can track my keys up to? Depends on which Tile key finder you get. Generally, up to 100 feet. If you’re a baller and want to get the Tile Sport key finder, you now have a 200-foot radius.

Tile Key Finder Reviews

I’ve been using my Tile Key Finder for over a year now. It’s great. I can’t complain about it whatsoever. But, enough about me. The Tile Key Finder has about 5,000 5-star reviews on Amazon. It also received an 8/10 on some sites like TechAdvisor and Wired Magazine.

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