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Shanker Golf Exploding Balls – Prank Balls That Explode on Impact – Funny Joke for Golfers (Sleeve of 3, Novelty)

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What You Need To Know About Exploding Golf Balls:

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Are you an avid golfer who likes to cause a little mischief and mayhem? Need a good golf prank? We’ve got your ace in the hole, baby!

Introducing: the exploding golf ball

Now is the time to seek sweet, sweet revenge on that buddy of yours who thinks he’s king of the course because he’s “actually pretty good at golf” and “doesn’t just go to the golf course to drink a few hundred beers.

Screw that guy. These exploding golf balls are just the prank you need to show him you’re the boss.

Exploding Golf Balls 1
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Perfect as a mens stocking filler, Christmas gift or Secret Santa present, these hilarious joke balls will bring more than just laughter during your next game.

Shanker Exploding Golf Ball

Here’s how the golf ball prank works:

Your buddy goes up to hit the ball.

You say,

Hey, bro! Hey, dude! My man! Don’t worry about putting the golf ball on the tee. Let little old me take care of that for you, fella. I’d be happy to place this absolutely real golf ball, which is definitely not a prank, right there on the tee for you. Never would I want you to have to exert yourself in such a way that you’d actually have to bend over! Now, please – let me handle this!

This is when the magic begins!

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You, Ol’ Prankster McGangster swiftly jumps into action.

You take this seemingly real, normal golf ball and place it on the tee.

You don’t start belly laughing yet.

You step back and say to your good buddy, “Hey, best bud, my friend. Go ahead and smoke that ball, would you? Take your best, great swing!

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Then you step back.

This is when the magic happens – or should we say…explodes.

Your friend puts all his might into the swing and…
Emoji with his tongue hanging and crazy eyes


The entire golf course erupts into a fit of laughter! Cheers! Clapping! Laughing! You are knighted! You are inducted into the golf prank hall of fame! You have done it! You put your goof ball buddy in his place.

Define Awesome Uh-Oh Emoji Face
He stands there, covered in white powder, having no idea what just happened.
Holy mackerel, that was hilarious. It is the best day of your life! Sweet, sweet revenge!
Exploding Golf Balls 2
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BONUS: You can do this over and over again to everyone. Just make sure you have enough exploding golf balls, OK?

Now keep in mind, we used a man in this instructional example. But in all reality, you can prank anyone with these realistic exploding golf balls. Boss man, woman, child (yours of course), a golfing alligator, a pig. Anyone.

thumbs up.

Disclaimer: The exploding golf balls are awesome and should not just be used on the golf course.

Use them in backyards, at parties, at driving ranges.

If you can, try using it at brunch. We don’t know quite how that would work, but if you can bring a golf club and an exploding ball anywhere you should do it. It’s hilarious every single time.

Not only do these exploding golf balls look great with their subtle design, but they’re sure to provide lots of fun for birthdays, bachelor parties, or just a good old round with your buddies. Get ready for an explosive impact with the #1 ball in chaos – Shanker Golf Exploding Balls!

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