Beef Jerky Rose Bouquets

How much do you love beef jerky? How much does your significant other love beef jerky? If the answer to both of these questions is in fact; yes, then this is the product of your dreams. There is no greater declaration of your love of smoked meat, and your paramour than, a bouquet of not overpriced and already dying flowers, but meat, specifically; smoked meat, more specifically; beef jerky.

High-Quality Meats

It’s a half pound of expertly handcrafted, high-quality beef jerky, surely, what’s not to love… it’s meat, well-made, American meat. How can you conceivably even America harder than that, you ask? Well, look here guys and gals, the beef jerky comes in a snazzy pint glass, and while the name of the glass may be referring to some archaic system the rest of the world uses because they are too simple in other parts of the world to get with the times, the point is, this glass is made to hold beer.

So now not only are you showing your love, how much you love their love of smoked meat but after you are done chowing down, you can wash that salty, smoky beef flavor down, with a nice cold American beer. America, F$%# Yeah!

It’s smoky, it’s savory, it’s American, and it’s love.

It’s smoky, it’s savory, it’s American, and it’s love, and it comes with a device to hold alcohol, there’s nothing else I need to sustain me, other than actual alcohol, how about you, you good? The only real question left to ask should be which occasion should this gift be used, and the answer is simple, all of them; going out of town and your significant other doesn’t know how to cook, and also will miss you a lot: beef jerky bouquet. Birthday coming up, and you are out of idea: beef jerky bouquet, Valentine’s day and you both actually hate flowers, you guessed it: beef jerky bouquet!