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10 Best Gifts for Men

best gifts for men
best gifts for men

Crafted by: Alina Bardot

Birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas galore!

There are so many occasions where you have to find gifts for a loved one. After a while, it can be hard to find something unique and special for every person on your list.

Why is it that men seem to be harder to shop for? Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for your brother, boyfriend, husband, or father, you may be at a loss for what to get them.

But, don’t worry – we’re here to help! The best gifts for men are useful with a funny or unique twist. This ensures he’ll actually use it and have a blast doing so.

Do you want to know what we’re talking about? Keep reading to discover the 10 best gifts for men in 2018.

best gifts for men

1. Waterproof Duffel Bag

Does the special man in your life love the great outdoors? If he spends his summers hiking, fishing, or camping, he may need a new duffel bag for all his gear.

But, nature can be tricky. If it’s ever down poured in the middle of his camping trip, he’ll know how a normal duffle bag just doesn’t cut it. Waterproof duffel bags make the best men gift ideas. He’ll be able to keep his belongings dry in the rain or by the splashing river.

2. Beer Slushy Maker

Who doesn’t live an ice-cold beer after a long day of work? But who says there’s only one way to have a beer?

This Beer Slushy Maker is one of the funniest gifts for young men. Watch their eyes light up like a little kid at a carnival as they indulge in their own adult slushy. This is perfect for the man who likes to cut loose and party.

3. Hangover Cure Drink

Was that Beer Slushy Maker a huge hit? He may be regretting all those slushies the next morning. Don’t leave him high and dry to deal with his hangover alone.

Instead, pair any alcohol-themed gift with the Hangover Cure Drink. He’ll be able to enjoy his gift of alcohol and be thanking you in the morning while he has help getting rid of that nasty hangover.

4. Coffee Table Drink Cooler

What’s the most inconvenient part of watching the game at home? Having to go into the kitchen for a drink! Those few seconds can mean missing a vital pass or touchdown – and nobody wants that!

Bring the drinks to him with this Coffee Table Drink Cooler. He’ll be able to keep his favorite drinks cold and stocked in the living room, so he’ll never have to miss a play again.

5. Skull Fire Pit

Does your buddy countdown the days until summer every year? He may be looking forward to everything from hitting the beach to backyard campfires. But don’t let his backyard firepit be the same as everyone else’s.

One of the best men’s gifts ideas is this Skull Fire Pit. Let’s face it, nothing says bad*ss more than lounging around a pit of flaming skulls.

6. Magnetic Cell Phone Mount

Is the man in your life a frustrating combination between “doesn’t know where he’s going” and “never wants to ask for directions”? You may end up going hours out of your way before you finally get to your destination.

He’ll have no excuse with this Magnetic Cell Phone Mount. It attaches to his car’s air vent so he can mount his phone in plain view. There are tons of benefits to cell phone mounts, including making following Google Maps easier than ever.

7. Baby Mop

Is the guy you’re shopping for a family man? He may be so busy between work and kids that he never has time to relax. But what if you could help him multitask?

The Baby Mop is one of the best gifts for men. No longer do they have to keep an eye on the baby as they mop the floor. Now, they can keep an eye on the baby mopping the floor. They’ll get to relax, and their baby will get to crawl to their heart’s content – it’s a win-win!

8. Double Nester 2-Person

Do you go camping with your boyfriend or husband? Stargazing while you cuddle by a warm fire is one of the most romantic things to do. Now, you can bring your cuddle to a new level (literally).

The Double Nester 2-Person is one of the most unique gifts for men. It gives him a chance to lounge on a hammock with you by his side!

9. Bloody Bath Mat Color Changing Shower Mat

Is your man obsessed with crime shows and murder mysteries? Well, you can help him feel like he’s stepped into a real crime scene.

This Bloody Bath Mat Color Changing Shower Mat changes from white to red when wet. When he hops out of the shower, it’ll look like bloody footprints and blood spatter everywhere! Pro tip: don’t tell him it’s a color changing mat and watch his reaction when he thinks he’s bleeding profusely.

10. Unshrinkit Clothing Solution

Doing laundry isn’t for everyone. Some people have a habit of shrinking clothes, ripping delicates, or turning their white clothes pink. Then, they have to spend their time and money replacing the clothes they ruined.

Help your buddy out by gifting him Unshrinkit Clothing Solution. This is one of the best gifts for young men who are just starting to live on their own (or any laundry-impaired man). They’ll get to salvage some of their favorite clothes and may even save themselves from an angry wife.

Best Gifts for Men

If you ran out of gift ideas, you may be panicking when the holidays roll around. But men can be easier to shop for than you think. Just follow our list of the top 10 best gifts for men to ensure he gets a gift he loves.

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