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What You Need To Know About The Bloody Bath Mat Color Changing Shower Mat:

When Mary got out of the shower, she noticed something strange on the bathroom floor. There was a trail of red footprints leading from the shower to the bath mat. She followed them curiously, wondering where they would lead. As she got closer to the mat, she could see that the footprints were getting bigger and more defined. And then, all of sudden, they disappeared! What in the world was going on?

Mary quickly realized that the footprints were caused by her new color changing bath sheet! The sheet was designed to turn red when it got wet, and it looked like it had been doing its job perfectly. She couldn’t help but laugh at the prank she had just pulled on her unsuspecting boyfriend. It was definitely one for the record books!

Step Out of The Shower onto… Blood?

Have you ever wanted a gift that just screamed “Oh dear lord, I’ve severed an artery! Am I about to hit the end game at life”? You have? Really? Well, this is awkward. Hang on. Wait. I’ve got it! Yeah, this should do it! How about a bath mat that makes it look like you just walked through a crime scene! That should do it!

Meet the Bloody Bath Mat! The color changing bath mat that saw your character walk over a dead body while playing “Grand Theft Auto,” saw the bloody footprints and thought “Yup, I want that as soon as I get out of the shower.”

End every day like you have washed all the cares of the day away.

Start every morning getting hyped for a day with dealing with “that person” in the office, and then get out of the shower and leave your mark like you murdered them and are dancing through their blood.

This bath mat will blend in with most bathrooms and is pure white until you get it wet. Once water hits this bad boy, it looks like Quentin Tarantino directed “Psycho” instead of Hitchcock! When it dries not even the best CSI agent will be able to find a trace of the red stuff! It’s the mat that keeps on giving!

A Great Gift for The Horror or Prank-Loving Friend

that wants to make sure NO one ever showers at their place again or lets them handle any sharp instruments. It’s a great Halloween decoration if you are allowing people to use your shower on Halloween. I don’t know; everyone celebrates differently.

Get yours today and start every day with a bloodbath…I mean… umm… shower.

No products found.

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