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Can of Whoop-Ass

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What You Need To Know About The Can of Whoop-A**:

The Can of Whoop-A** 1

A Can of Whoop-A**, You Ask?

Who needs yet another cumbersome can of whoop-a**?

You, that’s who, because this is no ordinary can of whoop-a**! Allow us to paint a picture for you.

You’re out on the town, strutting your stuff, and you come across one of your many nemeses swaggering down the road like they own the place. That smug mofo! How dare they?!

You try to cross the street, but there’s construction going on.

But it’s too late, they’ve seen you… And there are only a few yards before the inevitable collision.

Just then, they point their finger at you and slowly run it across their throat with a menacing snarl on their face.

The Can of Whoop-A** 2

You know what you have to do.

There is only one option left…

Open up a Can of Whoop-A** on Them.

The Can of Whoop-A** 3

You reach for your back pocket and a sinking realization settles in…

Oh no… You don’t have a can of whoop-a**.

Like a fool, you bought a can of whoop-a** that is too big to carry around with you! A cold sweat runs down your back as you realize that there is no way out.

All you can do is accept the fact that this time, you lose.

But maybe next time you’ll be better prepared with this convenient, 16oz ultra-compact can of whoop-a**!

You can now have a can of whoop-a** ready to go whenever you need one.

Don’t get caught out like a chump ever again.

Dish out A** Whoopings All Day Long Without Fear of Running Out!

The Can of Whoop-A** 4

Just one can of our whoop-ass contains up to three times more a** whoopings than a standard can.

Finally, a can of whoop-a** that you can trust to never let you down.

Fools and hooligans will all cower in fear as your footsteps shake the concrete with the kind of confidence that only a can of whoop-a** in your back pocket can provide.

The time is now!

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