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What You Need To Know About The Cat Scratch Turntable:

So let’s face it, the world of music has gone downhill since Avicii tragically left us.

So who is going to take his place in this crazy world of EDM?  First, who is suiting of becoming the next great DJ of our time?

Honestly, DJs are the laziest of the musically talented. The job of a DJ is really to take an already popular song, add some basseline and throw in some well-placed drops and boom, they’re famous.  So what better replacement could there be than a cat?

Cats are incredible lazy, they can sleep and lay around all long day. On average, cats sleep for 15 hours a day, with some snoozing for up to 20 hours per 24-hour period.

But their gift for knowing exactly when to meow in a dead silent room to give you the chills is just straight up uncanny.

This is exactly why they are the next DJs in the making. If you start now, your little furry friend could be ready by next festival season.

Start training your cat now with the cat scratch turntable. Its moving vinyl stand lets your cat really grasp the concept of what ‘mixing’ is while entertaining them and cleaning their claws. They won’t even realize they are being programmed to take over the music world, they’ll just claw away at its fun little moving parts. So jumpstart your cats journey on the fame train with the cat scratch turntable.

Finally, get your cat off your back about going to music.

Cats are quiet and mischievous, but who would’ve ever guessed how talented they are?!

Oh, you don’t know what I’m talking about? You’re obviously in the dark, ever since Avicci left us in the great world of DJ’s everyone has been in a frenzy.

And now who do we have to turn to? The obvious answer is cats. Not amused by this answer? Hear me out. Let’s think about it this way, the sole responsibility of a DJ is to create some great beats from songs that already exist and just throw in some random bassline and beat drops.  Basically the laziest of music artists. And what better person to do the job of a lazy DJ than a lazy cat. Their sense of rhythm and ability to calculate the perfect beat drop within a song is straight up uncanny.

So get your cat on the scene

So here’s how you can kickstart your cats rise to fame, the cat scratch turntable.

This is no normal cat scratching post, this scratcher will take your furry friend to the top of the SoundCloud trending list.

So pull out a mic because you may have some unexpected hidden talents in your home.

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