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Funny Mug – World’s Okayest Employee – 11 OZ Coffee Mugs – Funny Inspirational and sarcasm – By A Mug To Keep TM

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What You Need To Know About The World’s Okayest Employee Mug:

How do you communicate to your loving boss and awesome fellow employees that you really shouldn’t be given any extra responsibility?

With the World’s Okayest Employee Coffee Mug, that’s how!

You’ve tried everything else to cultivate an air of mediocrity such as:

  • Waltzing on into work late every other day.
  • Doing all your presentations using the first Powerpoint template and comic sans.
  • Getting just the job done, and nothing else.
  • Hitting reply all on every email you receive, and using emojis in your professional emails.

You can now turn off your excellence though, and shine like the star you are!

I mean, how are you supposed to carve out a comfortable spot for yourself in the middle, when Karen from accounting keeps forgetting to pay everyone, and Greg from sales always leaves himself unmuted when he goes to the bathroom on conference calls?

The World's Okayest Employee Mug 1

"Just OK" Employee of the Month?

The World's Okayest Employee Mug 2

You’ve won employee of the month three months running, and you’re trying not to do well so that someone else in the office can! (because you’re such a saint).

You need something that gets the message across more clearly.

You need it in writing.

You, my friend, need it on a mug!

This way, when you’re standing around in the break room in the morning, taking way longer than you should to make your morning coffee, everyone will be reminded that you are just an OK employee. 

Not bad, not great, just OK.

This World's Okayest Employee Coffee Mug is for the Front Desk

Keep the World’s Okayest Employee Mug right on your desk, so that every time your boss drops by to give you some more work, he’ll remember that time that you “accidentally” color-coded all the files wrong. Maybe this task isn’t right for you. Maybe Greg should do it. Hell, when you inevitably get bored with this job and move on, or get “asked” to move on, take the World’s Okayest Employee Mug with you into the interviews. Level set right from day one. Really let them know that you’ll get the job done, and THAT’S IT.

The World's Okayest Employee Mug 3

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