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Hoppy IPA Brew Candle – Hand Poured in USA (Soy Wax) – Great Gift for Beer Lovers – for The Man Cave, Brewery, or Home (Made from Recycled Beer Bottles), Beer Gift, Guy Gift, Beer Bottle Candle

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What You Need To Know About Craft Beer Scented Candles:

I know. You’re asking yourself: “How do I truly let people know that I have committed to the craft beer lifestyle?”

Extensive growler collection? Rare label cabinet? Beer gut? Amateur hour.

Sure, you can start turning up to work hungover and reeking of IPA, occasionally calling in sick because of a recurring “flu,” and have your personal relationships fall to pieces, but is it enough? No. If you really want people to walk in your front door and think “wow, this guy really loves craft beer,” then you need the Craft Beer Scented Candles.

What better way to hide your rampant alcoholism, and the constant stench of last night’s bender, than a candle that smells like whatever fine batch of craft ale you’ve been supping that week. Craft Beer Scented Candles are the perfect lifestyle item for the drunk that’s trying to hide their problem by cultivating an identity as a “craft beer connoisseur.” This is the perfect gift for that uncle that always brings a whole case of some obscure craft beer to Thanksgiving, but somehow you never see anyone else drinking them, and then the case is done. Or a wedding present for that old college roommate who only ever wears brewery t-shirts and gets blacked out on IPA beer bongs. With any flavor available, you can get hammered on stouts, porters, IPA’s, and hefeweizen without worrying about having company over the next day. Just light up one of these Craft Beer Scented Candles, and no one will be any the wiser. They also make the perfect aromatic backdrop to the monthly meeting of other craft beer “connoisseurs” that you inevitably host. Have themed rooms, with craft beer, candle, and food pairings, to really hammer home the illusion.

You’ll be blacked out on your floor, judgment-free, in no time.

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