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What You Need To Know About The Middle Finger Candle:

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Do you know what the state bird of New Jersey is?

The middle finger!

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Hey you, take a look at my hand and read between the lines!

Also, right now, we’re doing that thing where we blow into our thumb and pretending that the air is inflating our middle finger.

The Middle Finger Candle 2
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What a time we live in!
Not only is the middle finger a symbol of universal excellence in the “SCREW YOU” world, it can now live with you as

a wonderful candle in your home!

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Many people don’t fully understand where the middle finger salute came from.

So, before you quickly go and buy 100 of these middle finger candles simply because they’re awesome, let us share with you the history of the bird.

In 1799, there was a gentleman named Earl “Stubby” Timkins who lived in New England.

The Middle Finger Candle 3
The Middle Finger Candle 4

Good ‘Ol Stubby loved two things:

He would bust the chops of everyone in town, just for the hell of it.

The Middle Finger Candle 5
The Middle Finger Candle 6

From putting maple syrup in the cobbler’s shoes to putting bawdy signs like “AN OLD TEET LIVES HERE” on cow stables, Stubby just loved to get people’s goat.

One day, Stubby put all his energy into the biggest prank of all – actually getting someone’s goat.
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The Middle Finger Candle 7

Stubby got up early, which was easy, because he never actually went to sleep the night before.

Filled to the gills with moonshine, he stumbled down to Ol’ Porterman’s Goat Pasture.

Emoji with his tongue hanging and crazy eyes
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He crept over the fence, and within site was a goat.

Stubby went full speed towards the goat, with the plan to tackle it and bring it back to his shack.
The Middle Finger Candle 8
The Middle Finger Candle 9
Unfortunately, not only are goats quick, but Stubby was so drunk he just landed face first in the mud.

The racket woke Ol’ Porterman who came outside holding a candle lantern to see what the hub-bub was about.

old man with a lantern

Deep in the pasture, he saw Stubby.

Unable to get Ol’ Porterman’s goat, and still stuck in the mud, Stubby simply held out his right hand and extended his middle finger.

“SCREW YOU” was born (and along with it, the middle finger candle).

The Middle Finger Candle 10

What most people also aren’t aware of is that Ol’ Porterman was actually entertained by Stubby.

Later that night he fashioned lantern candles in the very same middle finger pose.

Now you can own that middle finger candle

Let anyone who walks into your living space know how you really feel. Made with renewable wax and a 100% cotton wick, the Middle Finger Candle is sure to provide hours of enjoyment (or at least 30 hours of burn time). So don’t hesitate, grab one today and let everyone know what you really think!

This middle finger candle is not only a perfect gift for yourself, but for any friends or family who really get your goat. Whether you’re giving your boss a not-so-subtle hint that you deserve a raise, or letting your boyfriend know that you really (really) love him, this candle is sure to get your point across.

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Since the times have changed and goats aren’t as prevalent in suburbia or cities, you may have a hard time actually getting someone’s goat (just like Stubby).

Do the next best thing – 

toss up the bird in candle form.

The Middle Finger Candle
The Middle Finger Candle 12

I got 2 of these middle finger candles for friends as gifts. They were a hit like I thought they would be. They were worth every penny.

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