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How Not to Be a D*ck:: An Everyday Etiquette Guide

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What You Need To Know About How Not to be a D*ck:

Meet Dick (short for Richard). Richard is…well, he’s not one of those people you’d call your pal. Neither is he rich. Ironically, there really isn’t a better way to describe Mr. Richard than to apply the four-letter word his mama gave him at birth.

It fits Mr. Richard well, as he is known, at times, to regularly cut people off in traffic while driving his Prius, and doesn’t cover his nose when he sneezes.

Mr. Richard could really use some blunt, no-nonsense advice to improve his negative impact on society. Someone needs to teach Mr. Dick how not to be what his name is.

Meet Jane.

Jane has her own issues but for the most part, is a chill and functioning human. Jane somehow is able to see the good in Mr. Richard despite all his dickishness. Instinctually, Jane decides that she can change Mr. Richard for the better. To spare Dick’s feelings, Jane needs a subtle and fun way to present the information “you are a meanie and need to change your behavior, bro.”

How Not To Be A D*ck was made for situations like this.

The advice provided in this here reader is obviously good for a few chuckles, but does it deliver suffice and substantial substance?

To put it bluntly (much like in pages of this book)…girl, please!

To grow into a fully functioning adult, this might be common knowledge -how to act in society. But, what about a teenager?

What about to an entitled forty-year-old man-baby living is his mom’s basement?

What about to all the other impolite infidels who don’t know how to wait for people to exit the elevator before they enter?

This book of knowledge is actually just timeless advice that every human should know and understand.

Have a Mr. Richard in your life?

If you do, a photo of that human being popped into your head immediately. It’s so easy to visualize Mr. Richard acting a fool in public, whipping out inappropriate behavior at inappropriate times.

Perhaps that’s why you admire how the book uses non-distracting clip art style illustrations to accompany honest and straightforward advice.

It would be really gratifying to take some of these concepts and smack Mr. Richard around with them.

Don’t have a Mr. Richard in your life?

Well, then chances are that you are Mr. Richard. In this case, it’s time to do your friends a favor and read this book cover to cover.

You’ll learn how not to ruin relationships, how not to piss off your family and friends in everyday situations, and how not to be despised by your coworkers.

Guess what? Strangers have feelings too!

This life manual also covers how to conduct yoself on the internets, how to curb rude behavior in public places, and how to assure you’ll never incite another subway stranger shouting match again.

The How Not To Be A D*ck book will save you or someone you know from any and all troubles of life.

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