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The Screaming Goat (Book & Figure) (RP Minis)

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What You Need To Know About The Screaming Goat:

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Meet James Earl Cavanaugh the III, second heir to the Organic Goat Milk Soap fortune that has amassed countless millions since the early 1990s.

James is a goat.

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He’s furry, got a couple of horns and a little tail.
He also screams like a damn fool all day long.
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You may be asking yourself, “Why on earth would the heir to a soap fortune be screaming all the time?”

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Good question, and an easy one to answer:

James be crazy.

“Crazy James the Screamin’ Goat” is what his family, friends, neighbors and every farmer east of the Mississippi call him.

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What they don’t know…

is the real reason he screams…

The real reason…
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is because…

James wants that cash money. And he wants it now.

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He wants it to spend it on his secret passion project: creating a small statue of himself.

You see, James is so full of himself, that he believes that every home in the world should have a small, portable statue of him.
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“Why wouldn’t everyone on the planet want to celebrate me?” his screams say.

“I am the greatest goat in existence” those screams say.

“Could someone check and see if there’s a thorn from the brambles in my ankle the screams echo.

Though James may never be able to inherit his goat family fortune of soap money, because, you know…he’s crazy, we have brought his dream to life.
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The Screaming Goat statue and associated picture book will make you scream with delight like a goat as the statue even mimics the sound you know so well.

Forget about those videos of screaming goats…this sweet little package brings it to life. Here are several places you might consider keeping the screamin’ goat statue:

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1. In Your Mailbox

When the postman gets a gander at this little beauty, he’ll squeal with delight, and maybe even leave you the $31 million dollar Publisher’s Clearing House check.

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2. In Your Kitchen

No better way to remind yourself to take out the potatoes than with a Screaming Goat yelling at you. Who needs a timer? The goat will get your attention, that’s for sure.

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3. Your Bedside Table

Quickly get to the sound of a screaming goat at any time of the night or morning simply by pressing the button. You know what they say, “Ain't no dream like the dream you have after pressing a screaming goat statue.”

James Earl Cavanaugh the III may be the most famous screaming goat that ever lived, but he was crazy. Now you would be crazy not to own a little piece of goat history with the Screamin’ Goat statue and book.

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