Mr. Sneezy Egg Separator

The Mr. Sneezy egg separator is what your awkward mornings have been looking for; a conversation piece.

If you are waking up next to a stranger, an old mistake, or a shape you can’t quite make out, this egg separator is guaranteed to turn any pancake frown upside down.

Are you beach-bod ready?

Stay healthy by using egg-whites only with Mr. Sneezzy as your form of encouragement.

You’ll be laughing all morning long- just to up the rock-hard ab game without even hitting the gym!

Instead of complaining about a hangover or talking too much about mistakes, this is a sure fire way to have the humorless ladies running out of your already trashed apartment and fun ones staying through the pick up.

Think of this egg separator as your go to for all separation needs, get that pickle juice right out with no finger involvement.

Additional uses of the Mr. Sneezy egg separator include, but are not limited to:

science experiments, tricking that roommate who never does dishes and drinks too much coffee, figuring out which part of what you coughed up in solid, draining very small amounts of pasta, figuring out if their was actually a bug in the wonton soup.

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