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HearthSong Roll With It! Giant Inflatable Colorful Rolling Wheel for Active Outdoor Play, 45″ Diam., Holds up to 200 Lbs.

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What You Need To Know About The Human Hamster Wheel:

If there is one thing every child on earth can agree on, it’s the straight up fact that they all would prefer to be hamsters than human beings.

Children from every state, country and continent, for thousands of years have watched hamsters with great envy.

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Here are just a few responses to a 1994 survey of 80 million children.

The survey simply asked “Hey, child, what’s up?”

It’s clear – the data showed our team of top notch scientists that children want, no, they need to be shown that the grass is in fact greener when you’re a hamster.
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Unfortunately, after years of trial and error, including literally trying to turn children into hamsters, we have found the solution.

No, it’s not a hybrid gene mix of DNA, RNA and acorns to merge squirrels and humans.
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We tried. Not great results.

Turns out a tiny human with a tail isn’t very cute.

Oh, well.

You live and you learn…and apparently you also create hamster people every once in a while.

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The Human Hamster Wheel 1

Forget all that nonsense, we’ll let science sort it out.

More importantly, we proudly bring to you the solution: 

A giant inflatable rolling human hamster wheel

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The human hamster wheel is big, beautiful, and it lets your child roll around your yard like they were an actual hamster.

Are dreams coming true for children everywhere with this beauty?
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The Human Hamster Wheel 2
You bet they are.

Next thing you know you’re going to have your child making your dreams come true:

by playing on this inflatable rolling human hamster wheel for hours at a time, giving you the opportunity to sit back, relax, unwind and think to yourself, “I’m glad we had children instead of just hamsters.”

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Now – you’ll have the best of both worlds: children acting like hamsters.

People up to 200 pounds of all shapes and sizes will love the brightly colored rainbow inflatable rolling wheel.

Frankly, even hamsters will be envious of this dream maker.

We didn’t actually accidentally turn a few kids into hamsters in the summer of 1991. So...yeah...if you hear anything about hamster humans, that definitely wasn’t us. Definitely...probably...certainly...not...us.

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