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Prank Pack “My First Fire” – Wrap Your Real Gift in a Prank Funny Gag Joke Gift Box – by Prank-O – The Original Prank Gift Box | Awesome Novelty Gift Box for Any Adult or Kid!

This kit has everything you need to pull pranks, survive in the wilderness & more. Fuel can, matches, logs, fire pit. You’ll have it made. With a kit like this, you’ll have no problems with your first fire.
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Our Thoughts on My First Fire:

My First Fire 1

I remember my first fire like it was 30 years ago last Thursday. Because it was.

I was a young fellow, just about old enough to fill my own diaper. I had recently learned to roll over and my father, being the manly, burly man he was wrote me a letter I still have to this day, that I would like to share with you:

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“Dear Son,

In only 7 months time you’ll be one year old. Wow, the time flies. I can remember not long ago you didn’t even exist.

Your mother and I would sit around, enjoying ourselves. Watching movies, going out to fancy restaurants. Hell, sometimes we’d even just go walk on the beach just for goofs and giggles.”


We have a much more important job: instead of having any fun at all, we are now charged with maintaining a brand new human life (that’s you).”

As a man, I want to instill the values of life upon you when they are most important.

As you will soon be one, I’d like to take this time to introduce you to the element of fire.

3 Reasons why you should know how to start your first fire at such a young age:

Reason 1:

It’s a hilarious way to leave a flaming diaper on a neighbor’s porch.

My First Fire 3
My First Fire 4

Reason 2:

It’s the perfect way to ignite those pesky fireworks that never seem to cooperate.

Reason 3:

It’s a wonderful survival tool if we ever (accidentally) leave you on the side of a mountain next Sunday when we take a stroll with Mom and then file a police report that you’re missing and we move to another country and change our names so it would be next to impossible to locate us, then you are forced to raise yourself with the coyotes.

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In any case, fire is important to know, thus;

I am giving you the gift of the “My First Fire” kit.

It comes complete with everything you’d need to say, leave a flaming diaper on a porch…or cook coyote meat on that mountain.


This kit has everything you need to either pull pranks…or survive in the wilderness. Fuel can, matches, logs, fire pit.

You’ll have it made. With a box kit like this, you’ll have no problem making it to like two or three on the side of that mountain – at that time you’ll probably be able to walk and you can make it to a highway where you can thumb a ride to Nana’s house.

She’ll take care of you (hopefully).

Best of luck, son. We think you’ll really enjoy your new life…er…fire starter kit.

Under Duress,


My First Fire 6

I loved my Dad.

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I loved that mountain.

I learned many things from those coyotes. I owe my entire life to :

The My First Fire Starter Kit

PS: Dad, I know you’re in Uganda. I can’t prove it yet, but I can just feel it.

PPS: It’s an empty box, perfect for prank gifts.

Our favorite Amazon Review:

The My First Fire Prank Box is a Must Get

I horrified my older sister on Christmas eve when I gave this to her and told her it was from my 10 year old son to her 6 year old very rambunctious boy. I acted really excited and she totally bought it. Being an overly worrying, semi-helicopter parent, she thanked me and asked if it was safe. To which I replied "I think so, anyway he'll love it!" Her son was nearby and, as if on cue, came running over yelling "I wanna play with the FIRE!!" Finally her husband saw it and when he said it must be a joke I confessed. We all had a really good laugh and it made the Christmas party much more interesting. I love these gag gift boxes!!

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