Polifall Cell Phone Holder, Universal Mobile Phone Stand, Flexible Long Lazy Neck Bracket, Adjustable 360° Free Rotating Gooseneck Mount with Multiple Function

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Our Thoughts on The Lazy Phone Holder

Do you suffer from Millennial Elbow? It is often diagnosed by pain and stiffness in the elbow as a result of holding your phone in front of your face for hours at a time. While anyone can fall prey to this crippling condition, its victims are typically media-obsessed millennials who haven’t seen the light of day in several weeks and only have friends on the interweb.

Need A Solution?

If you think you suffer from this condition or are looking to prevent it, consider the Lazy Phone Holder. A stylish and bendy necklace that clips around your phone for optimal hands-free viewing, this holder can also be used to attach to bicycle handlebars and the backs of car seats.

With the Lazy Phone Holder, you no longer have to hold your phone in front of your face like an idiot during your 10+ hour Netflix binge. You can lay back and relax like a baller, blissfully ignoring all of the important things you should be doing instead of watching The Office for the fifth time.

Your Flight Just Got More Comfortable

It is ideal for traveling, so you can watch your own illegally download material on your phone instead of the newly released feature films your airline has decided to provide for you. Comfortable and convenient, the Lazy Phone Holder ensures you maximize your relaxing time while looking like the coolest person in the room/on the plane/all alone in your room.

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