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Lick’em Tongue Cat Scratcher – Fairly Odd Novelties – Funny Novelty Gag Gift for Cat Lovers

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What You Need To Know About The Lick’em Tongue Cat Brush Cat Scratcher:

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The crazy cat person in your life deserves only the best!

Welcome to the best, my friend! The most incredible, absolutely perfect, stand-up and give a standing ovation gift for the craziest cat people on planet Earth!

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It’s unique! It’s outrageous! It’s...a plastic tongue cat scratcher!

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That’s right folks, every crazy cat person has long dreamed of being able to clean their cat as if they were a cat themselves.

Dreams do come true!

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smiling cat.
This once in a lifetime purchase will help every cat owner be adored by their feline fur baby!

Check Out These Benefits of the Lick’Em Tongue Cat Scratcher:

The Lick’Em Tongue Cat Scratcher is so much more than just a hilarious prank gift!

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It’s the novelty of seeing your cat in absolute wonderment and awe knowing that you love them so much you went and got a cat tongue attachment for your face…because YES, you love them that much!

You, like any fine upstanding individual might be wondering: “Well, sure – I want this cat tongue thing for myself, but will the crazy cat person in my life really love it?

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Just think about it for a second…

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Don’t try the sad imitation Lick’Em Cat Tongue products like old bottles or used combs. Those taste gross and definitely don’t simulate the true wonder of licking a cat.

The Lick’Em Tongue Cat Scratcher is the #1 product world-wide in replicating what it is probably like to be a cat.

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Some finer notes for the potentially questionable audience reading this:

The Lick’Em Tongue Cat Scratcher can propel you into a universe of feline fun you’ve never thought possible!

Is it the world’s greatest novelty gift? Some say yesand some say definitely.

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Emoji with his tongue hanging and crazy eyes

This item will not actually turn you into a cat. It also does not give you the right to use a litter box. Lesson learned.

Lick'em Tongue Cat Brush / Cat Scratcher - The Purrrrrrfect gag gift for someone with cats
The Lick'em Tongue Cat Brush Cat Scratcher 3

For me this novelty cat tounge is worth its price in cat hair! I have 6 cats and they all run away from me when I put it in, and its hilarious to see, and brings everyone a good laugh. I gave this to my dad for a Christmas gift and he loved it, and I was lucky enough to get one in return. I rate this a 5/5 meows!

Product SKU: 10111300

Product Brand: Lick'em

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 14.99

Price Valid Until: 2027-07-31

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