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Instant Nerd Kit (Includes: Taped Eyeglasses, Pocket Protector & Nerd Squad Button) Party Accessory (1 count) (1/Pk

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What You Need To Know About The Nerd Kit:

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Stop wasting time trying to be cool - because we all know for a fact that being a nerd is where it’s at!

The NERD SQUAD has officially blown open its doors and is welcoming new members who can fall in line with what it means to be the nerdiest of nerds.

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The Nerd Kit 1
Fortunately, if you’re not quite prepared to join the NERD SQUAD,

This all in one NERD KIT is going to get you almost all the way to the finish line.

nerd kit nerdy glasses

1. Taped Eye Glasses

The glasses come with the package to prove that you have, in fact, read so many books, solved so many mathematical equations and spent too much time staring into tiny little microscope lenses that you have broken them down the middle.

The Nerd Kit 2

This will dissuade any true nerd from knowing that you might not actually be a full fledged part of the NERD SQUAD…yet.

nerd kit pocket protector

2. A Pocket Protector

The pocket protector shows that you carry both pencils and pens with you at all times. Likely you only carry red pens because you spend all day every day correcting other people's mistakes. Also, your pencils are probably worn down to nubs because of how much writing you’ve done. Now that’s a busy nerd. Good job.

The bad part?

The potential to drip ink or get pencil shavings in that finely starched white dress shirt.

That’s where the protector of pockets comes in. Stress free nerdery at its best!

The Nerd Kit 3
nerd kit button

3. A Nerd Squad Button

Just to double down on how much of a nerd you are, this premium button lays it all out there for people to see. Sure, they might see your glasses. They might even take note of your pocket protector.

The Nerd Kit 4

But it’s when they see your NERD SQUAD button placed loud and proud upon your shirt that it will all finally come together for them.

They’ll look. They’ll squint. Then they’ll say, “Ah-ha! A NERD!”

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Once you have the NERD SQUAD kit, you’ll be almost fully eligible to be a nerd. We suggest you only need one more thing:

the ability to act like a complete spaz.

Yes, that kind of spaz. Strange walk. Snorting laughter. Awkward hair.
The Nerd Kit 5
The Nerd Kit 6
Once you have mastered the ability to spaz, coupled with the complete NERD SQUAD kit, you are then ready to join the team.
So suit up, hopeful nerds. It’s time to let the world know “The word…is that I am a nerd!”

The NERD SQUAD is open only to people who would like to be nerds. Not geeks, dweebs, dorks, goofs or especially not creeps. Nerds are the highest echelon of questionable society, some may say the best. Be a nerd today with the ultimate NERD SQUAD kit.

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