The Pet Chicken Leash


The Pet Chicken Leash 1

These are the words hurled at you from a middle school bully as you stand there in stunned silence.

It’s Spring.

The weather is just starting to break, and winter is but a faint memory.

You look around on the playground to find a group of children starting to encircle you and the bully.

You side up the situation:

The Pet Chicken Leash 2

You are absolutely not a chicken

Everyone is staring at you, so you have to do something.

The bully seems pretty intent on making a fool of you.

The Pet Chicken Leash 3

So what do you do?

You glance down at the ground, knowing that eye contact may be the one move that will cause this bully to charge at you and start a skirmish.

And you most certainly cannot afford a skirmish because you’re holding a chicken.

WAIT A SECOND. The bully is not a bully at all.

The Pet Chicken Leash 4

The bully is merely being observant of the fact that yes, you actually are holding a chicken.

You place the chicken down, look around, reach out your hand, and the purported bully shakes it.

The Pet Chicken Leash 5

It turns out you guys are buds.

But now there’s a problem. The chicken, sensing an issue, high tailed (or more realistically, “high beaked” it) out of there.

The Pet Chicken Leash 6

If you only had the foresight to purchase a Yesito Chicken Harness.

It would have been easy to ensure that you could have both diffused the situation and also held onto that chicken.

Well, guess what? Middle school was a long, long time ago.

The Pet Chicken Leash 7

It’s the present.

In the present, you know you need a chicken harness for your chicken.

Not only because of past lessons learned, but because it is simply the coolest way to bring your high-falutin’ chicken in the town.

Show off your chicken the way he and or she deserves with a chicken leash. The super comfortable, Yesito Chicken Harness.

The Pet Chicken Leash 8

Imagine the looks at the farmers market as you creep through with a chicken?

You’ll be a local celebrity, and so will your very personable chicken.

The Yesito Chicken Harness holds chicken 2.3-3.8 pounds, so you know you’ll never lose them again.

Here are several other locations and situations you might consider using your Yesito Chicken Harness:

  • Walking your chicken around the neighborhood while people fawn all over you
  • Bring your chicken into a work meeting and suggest they are a new intern
  • While you drive folks around during your part-time Uber gig, they can now safely be your co-pilot
  • At church
  • During family reunions (Family will think, “What a success my cousin has become! Look at them jauntily walking around with a chicken on a harness!)

The Yesito Chicken Harness is here. It’s awesome. It’s safe and comfortable.

Don’t let the past define your future. Take advantage, man, take advantage.

Braggadocious Disclaimer: We made it an entire product description of a chicken accessory without using the word “cock.” We cannot guarantee you will not use that word once you receive the item. Let’s be honest…it’s hilarious.