Scent Flavored Apple cup – The cure for boring water!

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Our Thoughts on Brain Tricking Flavored Cup

Keep yourself uber hydrated with this brain tricking flavored cup.

Because who still drinks ordinary water anymore?

Since when did water become fancy?

That colorless, flavorless liquid we all need to live. People are paying $$$ for big brands like Perrier and La Croix. It’s like all anyone ever wants is that tasty-flavored sparkling goodness. And then all they do (aside from adding a bit more $$$ to the total) is add the tiniest bit of flavoring to their water.

Let’s introduce The Right Cup:

This flavor cup scientifically tricks your brain into thinking that you’re having a delicious cup of flavored water.

Now, for the first time ever, you can drink water while still keeping up your street cred for fancy drinks. This brain tricking flavored cup makes you think you are quenching your thirst with a delicious flavor drink when in reality it’s just your generic water in a fancy container.

Brain Tricking Flavored Cup 1


Make drinking water a whole lot more fun and tasty. 

When you use this flavored cup, your mind will think you’re drinking a cup of fruit juice

 It looks like juice, tastes like it, even smells like it.  In reality, your brain is just being tripped out by the fruit-flavored lid and aroma.

In fact, we should just rename this as America’s cup because I think it just solved all our problems.  

0 calorie water, with an expensive a.f. taste

Brain Tricking Flavored Cup 2

To the highly suggestible, it’s like drinking the best, most flavorful orange juice you’ve ever had. You smell the oranges, you taste them as the water trickles down your throat, and you feel satiated in a way that normal water never could do.

How do we do it? And how could we possibly do it without a single calorie? That’s right, our ingenious solution is not only 100% foolproof, but it’s also safe for any diet.

We gave the trick cup the faintest hint of orange aroma and flavor. Sometimes it’s the simplest things that work best. Yeah, scientific breakthrough. With the simplest of changes, this cup transforms boring, cheap, conventional water into the most succulent, delicious, overpriced drink you can think of (but it’s still cheap, we’re talking about water, you know, the cheapest liquid you can buy).

It’s all in suggestion. You know about that. You smell oranges, so your brain makes you taste them as well. It’s like bad facts on the internet. The more you indulge, the more your brain makes it real (Matrix anyone?).

Let this cup science you into losing weight (no calories), saving money (even cheap water tastes great), and living your best life ever (subjective, but potentially the truest statement here).

Not only does it make your water taste that much better/more expensive, but just look at it. The Right Cup is sexy. You can use this in high society gatherings, business meetings, fancy parties, anything you can think of. It’s the cup that ends all cups.

Stop being a cheap water drinker without flavoring and start drinking cheap water with flavor! Now you can take water-drinking selfies with pride and your followers will stop laughing at your off-brand water choices.

4 Little-Known Flavor Cup Facts & Stats

1. This flavor cup has been scientifically engineered with orange flavor and scent around the rim, it’s like drinking succulent orange juice

2. Instantly makes your water taste more expensive, now everyone is going to give you more high-fives

3. Guaranteed to not make you fat, zero calories. 0.

4. Sexy cup means sexy selfies, fun parties, and the best, most awesome life ever

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