Brain Tricking Flavored Cup

Keep yourself uber hydrated with this brain tricking flavored cup.

No losers still drink ordinary water anymore.

All anyone ever wants is that expensive flavored La Croix or Perrier.  You need to keep your health in check though!

Now you can drink water while still keeping up your street cred for fancy drinks.  This brain tricking flavored cup makes you think you are quenching your thirst with a delicious flavor drink when in reality it’s just your generic water in a fancy container.

Make drinking water a whole lot more fun and tasty.  When you use this flavored cup, your mind will think you’re drinking a cup of fruit juice. It looks like juice, tastes like it, even smells like it.  In reality, your brain is just being tripped out by the fruit flavored lid and aroma.

In fact, we should just rename this as America’s cup because I think it just solved all our problems.  

0 calorie water, with an expensive af taste.