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Hollow Ceramic Skull for Indoor and Outdoor Fire Pits and Fireplaces | Single Fireproof Ceramic Skull | 6 Inches, Black Color

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What You Need To Know About The Skull Fire Pit:

Do you feel like your friends aren’t sure how committed you are to the death metal? Are you afraid people think you are joking when you mention human sacrifice? Do you wish your neighbors knew just how much you don’t want them near your backyard fire extravaganza slash piercing party? If you answered yes to two out of three these, I am just going to go ahead and insist you get this into your yard, or balcony, and let everyone know where you stand on the esoteric philosophical debates and stuff.


When is your next Ritual?

Skull heads are the perfect addition to your lawn and garden reservoir. For all the spellcasters and witch-folk, this skull product makes for a divine fire in any fire-pit! Invite all of your friends over for the ritual of a lifetime; they will be so impressed by your fo-skulls, they might even never come back. The flames are sure to mesmerize your crowd and the spirits alike as they burn through the eyes and jaw of this imitation human skull fire gas log. The gas logs are sure to fit into any firepit as the dimensions are the same size as a real human head. The steel reinforced skull keeps on burning and becomes more realist with time as your fire sufficiently consumes the fo-bones. Your friends and neighbors will remember the savage aesthetic for years to come deeming you the official overlord of gardens. Inspire a gathering for scary stories, dragon tales and spells around your firepit today.

Collect Real (looking) Human Skulls

Item details– Choose from 4 different color choices- white, brown, black, and dark grey. The skull gas log weights a whopping 9.4 pounds. How much does your head weigh? The dimensions of the skull are approximately 8.5 x 6.5 x 5.5 inches, compare your head’s size to this fo-skull when it comes in the mail! Don’t be afraid to warm yourself up with these outdoor heating logs made by Myard. Get a lifetime warranty when you buy these fire-resistant skulls as an addition to your middle-aged home and garden decor. The Product is made with lave granules and includes compelling heat ceramic refractory.

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