Lip Plumper

Although butts have been the asset of choice for what seems like centuries, lips have come in full force since Kylie Jenner debuted her new fillers a few years back and we haven’t been able to think about anything besides them since. 

Everyone wants Plumper Lips!

If you’ve been in a slump since Kylie broke the internet but want to take a more natural route, boy do we have the tool for you!

Lip Plumper 1

Make your pout on point with this lip plumper tool. In a matter of seconds, this small red tool will suction to your lips and give you that full lip-look in a matter of seconds.  

Transform from a sad civilian to a Maybelline model. 

Using this red gadget to eats up your lips and spits them out three sizes larger. Letting you achieve you that signature Instagram duck face look.

Lip Plumper 2

So watch out world, there’s about to be a lot more full-lip ladies out here.