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Fullips Lip Plumper Tool – Medium Oval with Bonus Large Round Enlarger – Self Suction Plumping Device For Fuller Lips – Plump in Seconds – Natural Instant Lip Enhancement Kit – Red Plastic Plumpers

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What You Need To Know About Lip Plumpers:

Although butts have been the asset of choice for what seems like centuries, lips have come in full force since Kylie Jenner debuted her new fillers a few years back and we haven’t been able to think about anything besides them since. 

Everyone wants Plumper Lips!

If you’ve been in a slump since Kylie broke the internet but want to take a more natural route, oh do we have the tool for you!

Introducing the Lip Plumper, the pain-free alternative to lip fillers! This easy-to-use natural lip enhancement kit includes two Fullips lip plumping tools—a medium oval and a large round enhancer.

With just a few seconds of use per day, you’ll achieve luscious, full lips that are glamourous and sexy for your next insta-famous pic.

So, go ahead and pucker up—with the Lip Plumper, your lips will look amazing and everyone will be super jealous! It’s about time you did something with your mouth besides a gold-plated grill for your now-beautiful bling bling teeth.

Lip Plumpers 1

Make your pout on point with this lip plumper tool. In a matter of seconds, this small red tool will suction to your lips and give you that full lip-look in a matter of seconds. Duck-face perfected.

Transform from a sad civilian to a Maybelline model with nothing but a lip plumper and the swag you already have. 

Using this red at home lip plumper gadget to eats up your lips and spits them out three sizes larger. Letting you achieve you that signature Instagram duck face look.

Lip Plumpers 2

So watch out world, there’s about to be a lot more full-lip ladies out here.

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